Arbitration, Mediation, and Dispute Resolution

In a lawsuit is a monetary judgment higher when awarded by an arbitrator or a jury and should the plaintiff decline an arbitration award in favor of a trial by jury?



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Arbitrators come to a middle ground for everyone. The judge goes by what is allowed by the law depending on the case, he also can add attorney fees, medical, etc. Each case has bylaw of judgments that guide the judge. The arbitrator usually sees what each side wants and tries to come to a middle ground. Dont forget either way an arbitrator gets their fee. If you and your attorney feel the case is strong enough to warrant a jury decision then go for it, but you could stand a chance on not getting anything. See if the attorney can find out how could possibly be awarded by a jury and weigh your decision from there.

This goes from just plain wrong all the way to what in H is that last sentence. Legal disputes are handled in many way. The worst is the typical PE instructor/ Vice principal where he/she just frightens everyone and makes it clear that the whole school is upset,,,, and never get caught bringing any problems to the office. Settle your problems in back alleys and Internet bullying... It happens everyday. The advantage is the manipulative sob passes the buck....out come the trouble makers jack the system around. Next level is the Army. The accomplishment of the Mission is all that matters. Will misconduct impact the mission. If yes then use brute strength to manhandle a solution then kick it off somewhere some point you get to Donal J Trump and his I am a Billionare, you are fired, you disgust me, get out of my sight. Society is far better off when juries decide cases. But that is almost never done. Cases settle because lawyers make money settling cases. The best interest of the injured party goes way down under this is high volume, put some money on the table to make the attorney pay attention..... Often attorneys take just under 50% of the basic requirements needed to restore an injured person....the health people take what ever is left. It is a horrible system. Mediation goes on behind close doors and no one can talk about it. In mediation either party can just walk away. Another way is binding arbitration. This can be horrible, but in many cases a better resolution than the others.........judges are restricted from taking a personal interest. Arbitrators should be selected because they are experts in the fields that are to be discussed. People pay arbitrators by the hour so you avoid judges that have too many cases and coffee breaks. In theory it works....but imho the dirty secrets of corporate America need to diene taint best applied by 6 folks. That frightens Wall Street. They want secrets sealed away...... This secrecy is one reason why psychopaths have suddenly emerged as the ideal corporate citizen...they hate people and no corporation wants to gutted outed by a messy case with a psychopath. Likely the thief has no money to pay if the company wins.bthe company looses because customers believe that the victim business was none to smart. This gives customers reasons to avoid a business victimized by psychopaths...what happens is the psychopath destroys the people in his charge and get a bonus to keep his mouth shut.... No longer do people bring references with them because lawyers tell clients to report only that the person was briefly involved. The whole system would do better to slow down to a 'people friendly speed' but finance has made that impossible. And finance is a house of cards. Like musical chairs no one can time the music. But in finance chairs the top one percent has a gold throne and half the people get no second chances. So 'you pays your money and you takes your chances.' Truth, Justice and the AMERICAN Way left town in the 1980 under the deregulation frenzy. The nation needed to makes many changes. The fixes we needed were never even discussed.minstead crazy stuff from 1900 got some lipstick and became law. There is no longer a penalty for lying or cheating, unless an injured person lies. Then the manipulator so eat one cake and take home the other cake.