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As Far as I know typically the person who rear ends the other person is typically At Fault.

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Is your insurance company responsible for cleanup of the accident?

As a rule of thumb, the responsible parties insurance carrier in an automobile accident would cover tow charges to the other parties vehicle (as well as the tow charges for your vehicle, providing you carry collision coverage), and the "clean-up" is usually performed by the tow company. Therefore, the responsible carrier would be responsible for the charges. Otherwise, they could be liable for addition accidents or damages caused from the debris left behind.

Who is at fault when both parties are backing up their vehicles resulting in an accident claim by one of the parties?

The driver responsible for the accident is always at fault. However, Both parties are usually found at fault in this instance. This is generally called Joint fault.

What if you have a car accident and both parties have no insurance?

Both parties will lose their license if a police report is taken. Both parties are still responsible for all damage incurred or injuries.

If a garbage truck hit your parked car do you go through insurance or go to the town hall and what insurance will cover that?

If you have collision coverage on your vehicle, the damage is covered under your policy. Your insurance company will then attempt to recover ("subrogate") the responsible parties insurance carrier....or the responsible party directly if they were not covered by insurance. If you do not carry collision coverage on the damaged vehicle, your only avenue of recovery is through the responsible parties insurance carrier or, the responsible party directly if they were not insured.

Who pays when both partys have the same ins?

If both parties that are involved in an accident have the same insurance, the party who is responsible for the accident would have to pay. Even if they are on the same insurance plan, it is like both of them paying.

Both parties in accident have geico ins. who pays for deductible?

If you are at fault, your policy will pay for the other person's damage under your property damage coverage. If you have collision coverage, you will have to pay your deductible if you are at fault.

When you do not have any insurance AND the person who took your car without permission has no insurance and causes an accident who is responsible of the other parties damages?

You hope that the other driver responsible in the crash has insurance that covers uninsured drivers and then you sue your friend!

Do both parties of an accident need to report?

no, because sometimes the other person cause the accident.

How am I liable in an accident in a rental car of not being listed as second driver on rental car contract?

If you are in an accident in a rental car and you are not listed as the driver, you will be held personally responsible for all costs incurred for both parties. This would apply whether you are at fault or not!

Is an insurance company responsible for paying for motorcycle rental while your motorcycle is being repaired after an accident that was the other parties fault?

If the rental coverage is included in your policy, probably. However if the other parties insurance is accepting responsiblity for the damage then I would be asking them for a rental.

What happens if your in a accident and you have sr22?

The same thing that happens if you did not have an Sr22. The at fault parties insurance generally pays for the accident.

What happens if you have an accident on private property in Georgia and one or both parties leave the scene of the accident?

you leave too

What will leaving the scene of a collision result in?

A criminal charge/conviction for failing to stop or hit and run. In the UK if there is no injury associated with the collision, the parties involved should stop and exchange names/ insurance details. If there is injury then again you are required to stop and exchange details and also call the police or inform them regarding the accident withinf 24 hours.

Can you leave the scene of an accident if both parties agreed to do so?

of course not.

Why you need car insurance?

The reason you need car insurance is for protection for both you and other parties. Without insurance, if you were involved in an auto accident, you would have to take the responsible party to court, which cost you time and money. Insurance covers this cost, as well as it finicially protects you. if you were found at fault for an accident, and did not have insurance, you would be responsible for all the damages and medical expenses for all parties involved. This could end up costing you several thousand dollars, which most of us could not afford. Insurance covers this cost, as well as insures that if you are injuried in an accident that wasnt your fault, that you are fully compensated for your injuries

What indicates the strength of US political parties?

they have been successful for a long time.

Does auto insurance cover catastrophic engine failure?

No - auto insurance is not the same as a warranty. Insurance protects you against claims by other parties who may be injured by your bad driving, and, if you carry collision insurance, helps defray the cost of repairing your car after an accident.

What happens when there is an accident and both parties agree no damage then A week later they claim damage?

If an accident occurred, it is not uncommon to find damage after the fact. Even in slower collision, there can be damage underneath the bumper of the vehicle. Happens all the time. In those circumstance, the party at fault can choose to either pay out of pocket for the damage or file the claim with their insurance company.

What is it called if two political parties work together?

When two parties work together to come up with a solution it is called a bipartisan compromise. bipartisanship

How many bids should you get when need collision repairs?

When you have experienced an accident which involves costly repairs, it is advisable to get estimates from at least three auto repair shops. These three estimates are for insurance purposes as well as keeping all parties involved honest about the repairs needed.

What to do after a no damage car accident?

IF no damage has been done to all parties then there is nothing to do.

Who is responsible in a joint civil judgment?

All of the named parties.

Who is responsible for bringing evidence before the jury?

The parties involved.

What are the release dates for ER - 1994 Responsible Parties 5-21?

ER - 1994 Responsible Parties 5-21 was released on: USA: 13 May 1999

Whose insurance should you call after an accident?

After an accident, all parties involved with the accident should exchange insurance information. Typically, the insurance companies will talk to each other about repairs and cost.

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