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If the rental coverage is included in your policy, probably. However if the other parties insurance is accepting responsiblity for the damage then I would be asking them for a rental.

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Q: Is an insurance company responsible for paying for motorcycle rental while your motorcycle is being repaired after an accident that was the other parties fault?
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Will insurance pick up your totaled motorcycle from the impound lot?

I have been in the towing business for 25 years. In most cases, if you have collission insurance coverage your motorcycle is just like a car. Yes, the insurance company will pay the tow bill and storage bill. They will also have the motorcycle picked up and tow to be repaired or salvaged. Make sure you keep in frequent contact with your insurance company about the situation.

Can you file a car accident after the car has been repaired?

No. you have to have filed the case before hand for both criminal records and insurance.

What are the benefits of auto car insurance?

The benefits of auto insurance are that if a natural or human caused accident were to happen, you would be able to feel safe that your car will be repaired or replaced.

Is an insured driver on your policy responsible for damages that they have not repaired on your vehicle?

== == In the event that you got into a car accident and it was not your fault but the other driver's, if he is insured, his insurance company is liable to pay for the damages of your vehicle. On the other hand, if the other driver is not insured, your own insurance company, provided you have a policy regarding uninsured or underinsured drivers, will be responsible for the damages your vehicle has incurred. They however, may have a right of action against the person responsible for the accident. The person who caused the damage to your vehicle is ultimately responsible for the damage to your vehicle regardless of whether there is an applicable insurance coverage or not. Whether you actually have the repairs done is none of their business.

How safe is a repaired car after an accident?

It depends on the type of accident. Minor fender bender can be repaired & you will still be safe. If you get into a serious accident where is goes into the passenger or driver compartments, & u get it repaired, it probally would NOT be safe.

If you are in an accident and the other driver says you were at fault does this mean your car will not be repaired by your or their insurance?

No, if you have the right coverage (collision) your company will still pay for your car.

How will the brake line repair cost impact my insurance rate?

The insurance wreck does not go up because of your accident to get repairs on your vehicle. Your insurance increasing only when you are at fault. If you weren't at fault then you pay the deductible and your insurance company would fight for you to get it repaired.

What does rental reimbursement mean in an automobile insurance policy?

Rental reimbursement insurance pays a small amount toward renting a car while your car is being repaired as a result of an accident. In this day and age a limit of $30-50 is best. Rental reimbursement insurance pays a small amount toward renting a car while your car is being repaired as a result of an accident. In this day and age a limit of $30-50 is best.

If you are in an accident in Texas and it is your fault will your insurance cover your car repairs?

Yes, if your policy has adequate coverage. If you have full coverage insurance, your car will be repaired completely and your portion of the repairs will be whatever your deductible is.

Can you request a check for damages from the insurance company of the driver who caused the accident and not get your car repaired after an auto accident?

It depends on if you have a lien placed on your vehicle (by you lender. If you own the car free and clear, you can take the insurance money and not repair the car, but if there is a lien on your vehicle more often than not the insurance company will make the check out to you and your bank.

How much of the rental is the insurance company liable for if their policy holder is at fault?

The insurance company is GENERALLY responsible for 100% of a rental to provide basic transportation or transportation that was of similar size to what was wrecked WHILE YOUR CAR IS BEING REPAIRED! Once the car is repaired, or once your car is written off and a check is given to you so that you can get a replacment car, the insurance company is no longer responsible. These are general guidlines and may vary in your state.

Can you get car insurance on a car after the accident?

If the car has not been repaired but the damage is cosmetic they will probably insure it for liability only If the car has been repaired it will be no problem to get insurance. If the car is deemed salvage or rebuilt, you can get full coverage, however keep this in mind. A branded title makes the car worth 35% less than average retail. The coverage AFTER the accident , of course would not caver any claims concerning that accident.

I wrecked my friends car will my liability insurance replace her car?

No. Their insurance will cover the damage to their vehicle, though they will not be happy about an unlisted driver being behind the wheel having an accident. If they have no physical damage coverage it will not be repaired or replaced.

If someone's insurance is paying for your car repairs can you make them have it towed and repaired in your hometown 125 miles from the accident?

No. The shop choice is yours, however, the insurance company only owes for reasonable towing expenses to the nearest repair facility.

How can you get the original title to a motorcycle that was repaired and never picked up?

you tell me

If you are in an accident that's your fault will it affect your rate increase if you fix the damage to your car with your own money?

If you have reported the accident and your insurance company has repaired the other driver's vehicle, it more than likely will affect your rate. When you are at fault, it always affects your insurnace.

Can an insurance company dictate where you get your car repaired after an accident?

Most insurance companys want you to go to a certified repair shop to make sure you are not frauding them some will even send out their own inspector to check you car out before they approve any repairs

If glass gets chipped an it can't be repaired because of location an you you don't get repaired it gets damaged later can insurance refuse to pay?

Yes they can because it was not repaired

Is a car that was in an accident worth less than one of the same kind that was not even if repaired?

The answer is generally yes, but it depends on the type of accident vs the type of repair for mechanical failure. Two otherwise identical cars with identical mileage, one repaired for simple mechanical failure, the other in an accident with significant damage, the repaired car will be worth more than the car in the accident 90% of the time.

If you were in an accident but your insurance lapsed how do you get your vehicle repaired?

You can start by asking politely, but when that doesn't work you can contact an attorney. Find one who will work on a contingency fee (you only pay him if you collect a settlement) because even if you win, you may never see a dime. Otherwise, just have your car repaired and DON'T EVER LET YOUR INSURANCE LAPSE AGAIN!!! Pay for your damages out of your pocket.

After an accident do you have to use your insurance check or can you opt to live with the damage and spend the money elsewhere?

The simple answer to this is yes you can keep the check and spend it on something else. Unless there is a loan on the car. Then the lender will insist that you have it repaired.

If someone hits your parked car and you call your insurance will your rates go up or will their insurance take care of everything?

If your car is parked and someone hits it, your rates should not go up. The other car's insurance company should take care of everything, even if you have the same insurance company. You are entitled to have your vehicle repaired following an accident that was caused by someone else.

Shouldn't the insurance pay to obtain a 'mechanical worthiness inspection' after accident damage has been repaired?

Well, no not necessarily. They should repair your vehicle back to pre-accident condition. More details as far as the damage to your vehicle and perhaps I could be of more assistance, but they are not required to preform this inspection.

What does the your insurance company do to a car if it is totaled and you only have liability coverage?

If you caused the accident and you totaled your car and you only have liability insurance, your insurance company does not do anything to your car. The car was taken away by the tow truck driver. You may pay to haul it somewhere to be repaired or you may sell it to a junk yard. If the other driver caused the accident, then his insurance company buys your car. It still goes to a junk yard to be recycled. That way, however, you will get some money. Either way, you are entitled to get your personal stuff out of the car.

Where can you get homeowners insurance for a home that has had a fire?

If the fire damage has been repaired, you can get homeowners insurance from any company of your choosing.

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