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I used this procedure to remove the lock cylinder in order to have the cylinder rekeyed. First, for the sake of safety to the electrical system, DISCONNECT the NEGATIVE TERMINAL CONNECTOR from the battery. This should be done any time you are working on, or close to, any electrical system, UNLESS it is absolutely necessry to have power on for testing. There is an ACCESS HOLE on the right side of the steering column, just beneath the ignition lock cylinder. 1. Turn the key forward to the "ON" position [but DO NOT start the engine]. 2. Insert a flat ended probe, or rod, into that hole, and press inward on the LOCK RETAINER spring clip to release it from the cylinder. I used one of those screwdrivers with a flat ended "star shaped" tip, but I think a Phillips might work. Actually, any flat ended rod will work, and a small "DRIFT" is ideal. 3. Place a piece of tape [like masking or electrician's tape] on the steering column as an ""index" to help you remember the precise rotational position of the cylinder, to facilitate replacing the cylinder. 4. While maintaining the release pressure on the retainer with your "tool," and using the key as a handle, pull the cylinder out.

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Q: In an 1997 F150 how would you remove the ignition key lock in the steering column?
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How do you change ignition switch?

You will have to remove the steering wheel and everythin that surrounds the steering column in order to get the ignition switch out. I would suggest getting a good repair manual as this is not an easy process to describe without pictures and such.

Trying to find key in ignition buzzer location in a 1989 Chevy Blazer?

The buzzer that lets you know the key is in the ignition in a 1989 Chevy Blazer is in the steering column. To access it you would need to remove the steering wheel with a special tool, or remove the ignition assembly. The key makes contact with a tab that activates the buzzer.

What causes a 1998 VW Polo to have trouble starting in hot weather when it runs fine?

ignition switch in the steering column is faulty. Car would not start when the car is parked in the sun. Need to remove the steering to get to the switch.

Diagram of 1971 Chevy Nova steering column?

A diagram of the 1971 Chevy Nova steering column would include the ignition and the shifter information along with the steering column itself. This type of diagram is often found in the Chilton's manual for the year and model.

Key wont turn in ignition is the ignition locked?

So it would seem. If the ignition is in the column it may also be jammed by the steering wheel lock. Try turning the steering wheel and holding it while turning the ignition key.

How do you replace the ignition on 1990 ford bronco?

If you mean the ignition switch- it is located on the steering column under the dash, you can remove the bolts holding the steering column in place and lower it. the switch is on top of the column and easy to get to with it lowered. unplug switch remove nuts, make note of where the actuator rod goes, it must fit into the switch at the proper location, if you haven't moved the lock cylinder you should be fine. after putting rod into little groove in the switch put it back onto column and tighten nuts. reattach plug and secure steering column. it would be good to get a repair manual from NAPA or another store it helps.

Would a bad ignition switch cause battery to drain overnight and smoke out of steering column?

Good possibility

Where is the ignition switch on a 95 cutlass supreme?

The ignition switch(not to confused with the ignition key lock cylinder)is located on the steering column under the dash.Some models can be a little tricky to reach.Most would be accessible by dropping the steering column.Not a hard job to do.

How do you replace the ignition switch on 1987 Chevrolet Celebrity?

Referring to the switch that turns the ignition on and off, not the key cylinder that operates the switch mechanism: 1. Remove the kick panel under the dash. Make note of how it comes out so you can put it back in. 2. Remove the trim panel under the steering column. If the car has column shift remove the clip that holds the shift indicator cable in place on the shift barrel, note its position. 3. Remove the four bolts that hold the steering column in place. 4. You can now lower the steering column. The ignition switch is mounted on the steering column. 5. The new switch should come with specific instructions on how to install it, follow those. 6. I would make sure it is working correctly before proceeding. Obviously don't start the engine and put the car in gear with the steering column out of place. Reverse the above steps to put the steering column back in place. If your car has column shift be careful to put the shift indicator cable back in place. Check to see that the shift indicator is reading correctly.

Why would a 1991 Pontiac Firebird not start after you replaced the steering column?

Because when you change the ignition in a firebird you have to use the same key and key lock that was on the original column. If you don

How do you replace ignition key cylinder in Chrysler?

You normally have to remove the steering wheel and take apart part of the steering column. If your car has an air bag in the steering wheel you will probably want to take it to a garage. A Haynes Manual for your vehicle would tell you how to do it or whether to attempt it. Depending on the car, you might not need to take apart the steering column, but you will probably still have to remove the air bag and steering wheel. Often, there is a pin or some kind of interlock that you can push to remove the lock cylinder, but you can only get to it after removing the steering wheel. Again, see the service manual for the specific vehicle.

Why would the ignition switch run start feed fuse blow on a ford f250?

you may have a short in the ignition swith get test checked, a steering column specialist can do this in a couple of minutes

How do you remove ignition from a 1989 Chevy Celebrity?

Basically on most models you disconnect the battery, remove the horn button assembly, steering wheel, and turn signal assembly to expose the ignition switch and retaining screw. Remove the switch and install your new one and put everything back together again. This takes a couple of tools like a steering wheel puller and a steering wheel spring compression tool. Another Model require you to drop the steering column fron the dash but you don't have to remove the steering wheel. A Chevy book from your local library would be a good way to start this job. See if it has ignition switch replacement section and if so check it out for a few days.It's about an hour job if you are prepared

What would cause the starter to engage with out the key when you push in the clutch on a 95 escort LX?

I've had the same issue, It's a bad ignition switch, replace the ignition switch and you should be good to go. P.S. the ignition switch is located under the steering column, it's held in by 2 screws, but it can be a hassle to remove.

Why would a 96 Pontiac Grand Am start by itself and the only way to turn it off is to disconnect the battery?

*Another possible reason* if you are not using the original key to start car ... some duplicate keys not made by dealer or locksmith ... can keep ignition engaged this happened to me and I would have to disconnect the battery terminal to kill engine. the igintion switch is bad,go to your closet jonk-yard and buy a igintion switch here is how to replace it REMOVAL & INSTALLATION Disconnect the negative battery cable. If equipped, disable the SRS system. Detach the left instrument panel insulator. Remove the left instrument panel trim pad and the steering column trim collar. Unfasten the steering column upper support bracket bolts, then remove the support bracket. Lower the steering column and support it safely. Disconnect the wiring from the ignition switch. Unfasten the ignition switch-to-steering column screws. Remove the ignition switch from the steering column. To install: Before installing, place the slider in the proper position (switch viewed with the terminals pointing up), according to the steering column and accessories: Standard column with key release—extreme left detent Standard column with PARK/LOCK—1 detent from extreme left All other standard columns—2 detents from extreme left Tilt column with key release—extreme right detent Tilt column with PARK/LOCK—1 detent from extreme right All other tilt columns—2 detents from extreme right Install the activating rod into the switch and install the switch to the column. Do not use oversized screws as they could impair the collapsibility of the column. Connect the wiring to the ignition switch. Adjust the switch, as required. Install the steering column. Fasten the steering column trim collar, instrument panel trim pad and insulator. If equipped, enable the SRS system. Connect the negative battery cable and check the ignition switch for proper operation. you can go to AUTOZONE STORE TO HOW TO REPLACE IT

How do you replace the ignition actuator on a 1991 ford f150?

I figured since nobody else had an answer for this I would elaborate. Disconnect negative battery cable, Remove Steering wheel, Turn signal stick, and bezels from lower instrument panel. Remove turn signal switch. Now it gets tricky. Use button release to remove key tumbler. Remove three screws and remove key tumbler housing. Pull the two pins on sides of column. Release Tilt wheel latch at bottom. Unbolt steering shaft from U-joint at engine side of firewall. Pull out on now released part of steering column. Only as much as you need! You can now remove and insert your ignition actuator. I'm sure this would be easier with pictures. Hopefully if your having trouble this will give you an idea of what to do.

How do you clean a key that's has the Pass Key II?

your key for ignition is made for that specific computer in your car,i had to replace my whole steering column,the salvage yard told me the key coming with it would didnt it kept telling me to clean the key,so i had to pop out the old ignition outa the old steering column and it started first time!

How would you remove a 1998 Peugeot 106 Zest 2 steering wheel which doesnt have power steering?

You need to undo the two locking pins on the side, then take the steering wheel off, only in a straight angle. Dont forget to remove the casing aroung the steering column

How would you tighten a loose steering column on an Olds Delta 88?

You have to replace the entire steering column. It is not loose, the lock is broken on your column height adjuster.

Why would the ignition on a 1991 Ford Thunder-bird not stay engaged in the on position when you let go of the key?

Worn ignition switch? Check to see if it has a rod connected to ignition switch at the lower end of the steering column--may needs adjustment

Why is the ignition stuck on a 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier?

My oldsmobubble's ignition was stuck due to a factory setting of some kind that was starting to malfunction from an electronic short. They said they would have to take apart steering column to fix, etc.$$$$

What would cause your steering column on a G20 van to become loose?

There are 4 bolts at the bottom of the steering column that tend to get loose after entering and exiting your vehicle. Pulling your self up on the steering wheel puts stress the steering column and causes it to become loose. If you do not correct the problem fast by tightening the bolts you will have to replace the entire steering column.. -Henry's locksmith and steering column repair

Where would you find a motor for the power steering on a 2001 Fiat Punto?

on the steering column beneath steering wheel

How do you remove the ignition lock on a 1970 Dodge Challenger?

Keep track of all the screws that you take out. 0) Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery. 1) Remove the steering wheel and disconnect the horn ground wire. 2) Remove the crush can nut. 3) Use a steering wheel puller (pep boys sells one for ~$15) to remove crush can. 4) Remove the screw in the center of the turn signal switch to remove the turns signal lever 5) Remove the three screws from the retainer than holds the turn signal/emergency flasher switch assembly. 6) Feed some wire slack up the steering column to allow the switch assembly to be slipped over the steering column shaft. 7) Remove the ignition switch illumination assembly (now would be a good time to replace that bulb) 8) Remove the screws that hold this part of the steering column housing. 9) It would be best it you had another well or damper puller with the right bolts and spacing. However, as an alternative, you can carefully use two or three screwdrivers to separate this housing. It doesn't need to come completely off. Slide it up the steering shaft as far as the switch assembly harness will allow. 10) Remove the steering column lock plate. 11) At this point you should be able to see the ignition tumbler. With the replacement tumbler in hand, orient the switch so you can see where the retainer clip is located. 12) Using a dental probe or angled metal scribe, you should be able to depress the spring loaded retainer clip which will allow you to remove the ignition tumbler. Reverse the order to reassemble.

On a Mercury Mystique what would cause the center brake light to work but not the the rear two brake lights?

problem is in the steering column wires, jiggle and check. remove steering column, and sit in drivers seat. with left hand reach right next to dash and sterring column there will be a wire harness(BLACK) top left jiggle that one..