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Be Careful... These Utilty trailers are unsafe as they have a habit of comming uhiched if you do not know what you are doing. Please Go to for more.

In addition in my State you need to have either two reflectors or 8 feet of reflective tape on the back because the lights do not always work. So if you do not have tape or reflectors on the back in Virginia you can be subborgated against.


You would have to check your policy (see disclaimer notice below)...

Your insured car means: The vehicle described in the Declarations of the policy or any private passenger car with which you replace it. You must advise your insurance company within a specified period mentioned in your policy of any change of private passenger car or utility car.

Any additional private passenger car or utility car of which you acquire ownership during the policy period. Provided that you notify your insurance company within specified period mentioned in your policy of its acquisition.

Any utility trailer: a. That you own, or b. While attached to your insured car.

Any private passenger car, utility car or utility trailer not owned by you or a family member while being temporarily used as a substitute for any other vehicle described in this definition because of its withdrawal from normal use due to breakdown, repair, servicing, loss or destruction.

Disclaimer notice: Above mentioned terms and definitions are not intended to replace or be the exact explanation of the definitions or conditions of your policy, they are merely for general information purposes. For exact definitions and conditions applying to your auto insurance, please refer to your auto insurance policy agreement.

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Q: In an accident involving a truck and a utility trailer would the trailer be covered by the auto's insurance or does it require a separate policy?
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