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In an average Ward of the Mormon Church of 300 members how many members would be given a responsibility?


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August 01, 2009 2:34PM

A responsibility in the church is called "A Calling"or "An Assignment". These callings are given to members who help run the different organizations in the Ward, from Nursery, Primary, Young men and Young Women. Various callings in the Priesthood, Relief Society for the women, and Sunday School. The Bishopric, Ward Clerks and various other offices. Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching. As many as 200 members of the Ward are fully active in some calling or other.

All members at the age of reasoning will be given some responsibility at some time during their membership in that Ward. The prime aim is to have each member constantly in a calling/assignment of some kind.

In most wards, members may only be called to a position for lessthan 12 months; then the presiding authority gets revelation from God that a change is in order. Through much prayer and consideration, the local authorities will be impressed to call the person to a new position. People can be called and released a number of times from the same type of position. I've been called to teach primary about 7 times.

It should also be remembered that in a ward of 200 active people, because LDS (Mormons) practice for large families, half of those people can be youth or children.

So it is possible to give most a responsibility of some kind. Then there is the fact that some will be called to stake positions, choirs, temple responsibilities, team coaching and various other incidentals or committees that arise.