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The right hand side fan is for the air condition. If the car is on and you switch the air condition the fan will come on.

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Q: In an over heating 1996 Honda Accord 4-cylinder LX Why does only the passinger side radiator turn on after the igniton is turned off and not before?
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igniton module igniton module

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With a hammer and a cold chisel.

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Igniton System or Misfire

Does the igniton key open the doors to 1997 ford ranger?


Does 1995 camaro have a chip in igniton key?

yes, need it to start the car.

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It should be a yellowwire on the igniton coil

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RH Side Of Steering Column

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you need to get a manual for the car and look in it

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the IG fuse is under the hood in the fuse box panel. it is a 50 amp fuse and has two screws holding it in there

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the best ignition timing i have achieved using a dyno is 8 deg btdc at 700 rpm, using after market engine management

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