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Do you mean the spark plug metal tubes? If so the valve cover has to be removed by removing the large 32mm nuts on top of each tube then pull the valve cover off, the tubes are threaded and can be removed with either an internal are external pipe wrench by turning counterclockwise. Use liquid sealer on the threads.

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What cause coolant to leak inside combustion chamber?

Blown head gasket

The Wilson chamber is used to study what?

the paths of subatomic particles inside the chamber

If not the head gasket how is water getting into the oil?

Intake gasket leaking on the inside of engine.

Changing the oil pan gasket on a 86 Toyota corolla?

The oil pan gasket is replaced by draining and removing the oil pan from underneath the vehicle. Be cautious when removing the pan as some oil will remain inside. Clean the edge of the pan with a light solvent to remove all of the old gasket, then dry thoroughly. Replace the gasket and reinstall the pan, torquing the bolts to specification.

What is the area inside the Central Chamber of the Lincoln Memorial called?

What is the area inside the Central Chamber of the Lincoln Memorial called????

What is inside a magma chamber?

molten rock

Do suction cups work inside a vacuum chamber?

No suction cups will not work in vacuum chamber.

Where is a head gasket located on a 1998 Saturn?

The head gasket seals between the head and block. The head gasket is inside the engine, up high.

When did Tom Riddle die in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

He didn't die. The memory of him which was a Horcrux hidden inside a diary was destroyed inside the Chamber of Secrets.

What is special about the Great Pyramid of Giza?

It is truly amazing that the King's Chamber is inside it. All the pharaohs and kings who ruled ancient Egypt are buried inside that chamber.

Will waterglass seal a automotive head that is busted in the combustion chamber?

No, I am afraid not.Generally they either crack or warp, if they crack they are good nothing but scrap metal. if they warp you can take them away for a surface grind so that they once again settle properly on the new head gasket and form a powerful seal inside the cylinder chamber. Gasket goo's silicone sealants and anything else I have ever heard of Will definitely not do the job you are hoping for.

Where can your antifreeze be going if no leaks are showing but its not inside the engine?

Sounds like head gasket, or head itself has a crack allowing the fluid to leak directly into the piston chamber, simple pressure test of coolant should prove it

What paintings do you destroy in the game Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

The paintings should be inside the Chamber of Secrets.

What is the posterior chamber inside the eye?

It's a very small chamber just behind the Iris, but in front of the lens.

What is an anterior chamber?

An anterior chamber is the space inside the eye between the cornea and the iris, which is filled with aqueous humour.

How to Replace valve cover gasket 2002 dodge neon?

remove the valve cover pull off the valve cover gasket and put new one up making sure you dont over tighten the valve cover bolts make sure you have correct torque replace all the o rings inside valve cover while changing main gasket for best results

Did Michael sleep in a hyperbaric chamber?

No, Michael purchased the hyperbaric chamber for a local hospital and decided to get inside and have his picture taken.

Where is a volcanoes magma chamber?

a volcanoes magma chamber is at the bottom of the inside of the volcano, just at the botton of the tunnel shooting lava

You placed several crystals of iodine in a iodine chamber and covered it with a watch glass then you placed a white paper behind the chamber what will happen?

The air inside the chamber will begin to take on a purple-ish hue. This is due to Iodine vapor that is collecting inside the container.

What causes water in the oil inside an engine?

Blowh Head Gasket

What is a blown head?

First-A head gasket is located in between the piston cylinder head and the engine block, inside a car engine. Now a blown head is a blown head gasket. It causes the engine to overheating. All the engine parts are made of metal. So, when the temperature of an engine heats beyond a point, it leads to the blowing of the head gasket. The gasket has failed to seal the space between the head and block. This allows coolant to enter the combustion chamber or the oil galleys. It can also mean the head has cracked.

What is inside a lightbulb?

the inside of a light bulb is called the filament

What is inside the Monean Chamber in Pokemon leaf green?

Some Unowns

What is inside the King's Chamber?

canopic jars, gold, tombs, caskets

Can a car burn oil on the inside of the motor?

Yes, in the combustion chamber.