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In degrees of longitude which one what best describes japan's location 137 E 145 E or 138 W?

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Japan's absolute location is 35.68 N and 139.76 E. Therefore, in degrees of longitude, 137 E longitude best describes Japan's location.

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what was the latitude and longitude of japans tsunami

What latitude and longitude japans tallest mountain is?

35.360561, 138.727758

What is the longitude and latitude of the japan on the globe?

Japans longitude and latitude is Latitude 36○00' N and Longitude 138○00' E

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Japans currency is the YEN. The YEN symbol is ¥ and its code is JPY.

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Japans natural resources are the ocean, the forest, and farming

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Due to japan's close proximity to China Japans written language and aspects of culture and dress were heavily influenced

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Japan's only benefit is that it's an island that enjoys greater sovereignty because there is no other countries on it's direct border.

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Mountains cover over 75% of Japans Land Surface.

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Lots of volcanoes , earthquakes and tsunamis10% of the world active volcanoes are in japanjapan is over 4 tectonic plates in 3 subduction zones.

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The Yen (¥)

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