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In all likelihood, the likelihood is "no effect at all". But there are differences in the laws from state to state, so it is wise to discuss this with a divorce lawyer.


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Go on with your life and play your partner's game by letting him or her know that it is you who is not in a hurry.

By law you can yes just be carefully of being done for adultery by your ex partner.

Yes a person can get a divorce if one partner is in hospice.

Getting engaged is a promise of marriage but I don't think it's illegal. Even so- Do the right thing for your new partner and get yourself a divorce!!.

One can become a respondent in a divorce case when their partner files for a divorce. The one who files the divorce is the petitioner and the other partner is the respondent.

What happens next if a partner does not sign the divorce papers first time

If the divorce was not completed then you are still legally married to your first partner. You will need to complete the divorce proceedings and get the decree issued. As you can only be married to one person at a time, your second marriage is not binding, and will not be recognised by law, so you will need to hold another ceremony after the decree is issued if you want the second marriage to be legal and binding.

A civil union can only be dissolved by divorce proceedings. Vermont has a one-year residency requirement for divorce. However, both New Hampshire and Massachusetts recognize a Vermont civil union as a legal marriage. Therefore, either spouse can file for divorce in either NH or MA.

Yes she has a partner,infact she's engaged. The name if her partner is Craig,Craig Monk.

Andrea Benfield. They're engaged!

Divorce is a very messy business. Different people react very differently to learning that their partner wants a divorce. There are a number of reasons why someone in this situation would want to get an attorney. These divorce attorneys help to protect them legally as they go through this process. Keep this in mind if you are considering divorce or if you think that your partner may want to get a divorce of some kind.

Yes she is and very happily engaged to her partner!

Yes If you and your soon to be ex-partner are at an understanding then i wouldn't say so.

You can sue your wife for divorce, but I believe you can sue her 'partner' for 'Alienation of Affection'. Contact a lawyer. If you can prove that she left you for this 'partner' you might be successful.

Yes. You can have a live in partner, but you have to be completely divorced in all states to get married again. You should be aware that living with another person while your divorce is pending may have an adverse impact on the outcome of your divorce. Make sure you speak with your divorce attorney before moving in together.

my friend has been separated for nearly 3 years can he put his divorce in nw and how long does it tke for a divorce to come though

If your partner is unhappy, it will hurt you if you don't want to leave them. Yet, you cannot stop them from getting a divorce. If they can't divorce you, they will leave you. It will hurt but you will heal. It will take some time. You just have to know that you chose to marry them and something went wrong. If the partner does not want to work it out, don't argue or beg or plead, let them leave. They will be happy and eventually you will be happy too.

You spell a partner, teammate or co-worker who is engaged in a task or contest with you and who needs a break.

Yes. A divorce must be mutual between the two partners. In some states and provinces, the partners must also give reason as to why they wish to divorce. I believe the only exceptions are in the event that one partner has commited adultery or has harmed/abused the other partner in some way, in which case the other partner (ie, the one who was cheated on or who was abused) has the right to call for a divorce without mutual consent. Answer A person can be required to attend a hearing to show cause if they will not sign the divorce papers. Besides the legalities though, it seems more practical to sign the papers, since a marriage or partnership needs both people to be committed to the the relationship.

It depends on the terms of the divorce. That said, any new debt accrued by someone after the divorce will not be the responsibility of their ex partner

actually it all deperns on you or the person who wants the divorce. do you want to remain in the marriage? are you still in love with your partner? or did you become fully aware that your partner is cheating and you want out because you cannot saty in a marriage that at one point have or had three people included in it?

Canadian divorce law requires a residency of one year in Canada (continuous) from one of the divorcees. This basically means if you want a divorce in Canada you (or your partner) must move back for a year before the government will grant a divorce.

You can find a good partner by being good yourself. After this try and mix up with people , you will discover the person of your dream

I'm not sure how to say that, but "I want a divorce" is "Saya mahu bercerai"

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