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In equations involving velocity what does the triangle symbol mean?


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change in
The triangle symbol is the uppercase letter delta (from the Greek alphabet), and refers to "difference in...". For example, delta x means how much the variable x changes between two different positions considered.


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The triangle is a capital delta, and means 'change in'. I.e. difference between two different velocities.

The symbol for instantaneous velocity is vi.

The triangle symbol means "change". v = change in distance over change in time. d/t. Aka known as delta d over delta t. (triangle is the Greek letter delta)

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The symbol of volume is V not to be confused with v which is the symbol for velocity.

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Usually F in equations etc, but measured in Newtons for which the symbol is N

Generally referred to as velocity, the symbol is v.

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The Greek letter Delta is written as a triangle.

v = d/t where: v - velocity d - distance t - time

In science the symbol that is used to represent speed is a lowercase v for velocity. Remember that an objects velocity is a vector. It has a magnitude and a direction. Velocity is most commonly given units of m/s.

Delta is a symbol that denotes a change in something. In physics the delta-v is used to calculate the change in velocity, or change in velocity over time.

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