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Q: In fairytales this person is often ruler of a country?
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What is the definition of sole ruler?

A person who is an absolute ruler of his country - for instance, Sultan Qaboos of Oman.

What person is often a ruler of a country in fairy tales?

A king or queen. Sometimes an emperor.

How do places around the world get named?

Often, the person who discovers it (or is said to have discovered it) gets the right to name it. But this is not always the case. Some places are named after a famous person who was very inspirational to the culture; or the ruler of a country wants a place named after himself (or herself), so that people will remember that ruler's importance. And sometimes, places are named after events that were central to a country's history.

What do you call the person with particular skills brought in to run a country or an organization?

a person with particular skills brought in to run a country or an organisation

What type of noun is the word 'ruler' of a country?

The noun 'ruler' is a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a person (or a thing as a word for a measuring device).

What do you call a person who has to flee their country from danger?

They are usually called refugees. If the danger is war, they are war refugees. If the danger is because they oppose the ruler(s) they are political refugees.

The title or czar is a reference to?

The word "czar" is a term for a leader, most often of a country. It is similar to the Russian term "tsar," which was the king and head ruler of the country.

What is an abslolute ruler?

An absolute ruler is a ruler that has unlimited power over their country.

What country has no ruler?

There is no country with no ruler. Every country has a form of government that includes a leader or a ruling body to govern the nation.

What is a ruler called of a country?

The ruler of a country is typically referred to as the head of state or the monarch in a monarchy.

Ruler A dies and his son inherits the position as the country's ruler?


Of which country was Catherine the great ruler of?

Catherine the Great was the ruler of Russia.