In folklore a type of fairy or elf?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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neither its a type of genre.

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Q: In folklore a type of fairy or elf?
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In folklore a type of fairy or elf 5 letters?


Why do elf shoes have curly toes?

The curly toes on elf shoes are a whimsical and traditional design element that has been popularized in stories and folklore. They are meant to give the shoes a magical and fantastical appearance, reflecting the mythical nature of elves in folklore and fairy tales.

Why is leperchauns?

A leprechaun is a type of fairy of the Aos Sí in Irish folklore.

Elf or fairy?


What is an elf who is said to do helpful work at night called in folklore?

brownie elf

What is a Farfadet?

An Elf or Fairy.

What is the animal spirit usually headless horse in Irish folklore?

I believe you are referring to the type of fairy known as the Dullahan.

What has the author Eleanor Brockett written?

Eleanor Brockett has written: 'Persian fairy tales' -- subject(s): Fairy tales, Tales, Folklore 'Turkish fairy tales' -- subject(s): Fairy tales, Folklore, Tales

What is an Elf in Irish folklore?

A small, often mischievous creature considered to have magical powers.A leprechaun.

What is the name of the Film about a female princess elf or fairy who marries a male elf or fairy?

I think it'd called the Magical Legend of the Leprechauns :)

Who is an elf in Irish folklore that can reveal treasure if caught?

A leperchaun.

What is a mischievous elf recorded in Irish folklore called?

A leperchaun.