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you will have a missed period.

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Q: In how many weeks will i know if im pregnant?
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How many weeks do you have left if im 27 weeks pregnant?


Im 24 weeks pregnant how many months am i?


If im 34 weeks pregnant how many months are you?

8.5 months

If im 12 weeks pregnant how many months are you?

three months

How many months are you if im 38 weeks pregnant?

38 weeks is 8-9 months

How many weeks you can find out you pregnant?

I'm pregnant right now and im founding out at 16 weeks. So i'd have to say 16-20 weeks.

Im 11 weeks pregnant and have no symptoms?

As long as you know you are pregnant, then I wouldn't worry. Just consider yourself lucky!

Im 4 weeks pregnant so how many months is that?

1 month

How many months am i if im 14 weeks?

Roughly 3 months pregnant

Im 32 weeks pregnant how many months am I?

You should be 8 months.

How many days is it till im 12 weeks if im 11 weeks n 5 days pregnant today?

2 days

How soon will you know that im pregnant?

You can take a pregnancy test from as soon as two weeks after sex.

If Im 5 weeks pregnant when did i conceive?

5 weeks ago

IF im 17 weeks pregnant how many months are you?

about 4 months and 1 week

If im 5 weeks pregnant how many months are you?

1 month and 1 week

I'm 21 weeks pregnant and everybody says that im really small is that weird anyone know?

im exactly the same! im 21 weeks too....i hope someone answers your question.

If im 35 weeks pregnant how many months are you?

8 months and 3 weeks. a week away from 9 months.

Will you do your period?

in a few weeks. if im not pregnant by then :) obvi

If it is August 15 and im 20 weeks pregnant when did i get pregnant?

quite simple count back 20 weeks

I feel sick but don't know if I am pregnant?

dont worry im about 4 weeks take a pregnancy test

How many weeks are there in an academic year?

im not sure about how many weeks but i know there is 180 days in a school year

Im 22 weeks pregnant 5 months?

At 22 weeks you would be 5 and 1/2 months pregnant.

You have been spotting for 15 days off and on you had a miscarriage at 3 weeks back in nov05 im really scared you called your doctor and they told you it was normal but im still scared plese answer?

Do you know you are pregnant now, have you had a positive test? Aslong as it is just spotting you are probably ok. This is what doctors are for, to tell you what is happening. You cannot miscarry at 3 weeks as you would not even know you are pregnant. If you miscarried 3 weeks after conception that is 5 weeks pregnant not 3 weeks.

Im 2 weeks pregnant and bleeding what does it mean?

you have your period

Im 5 weeks pregnant can you find out if im having twins?

If you go get an ultrasound you can