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In texas what are the repossession laws?


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REPO LAWS DOT COM has a good over view of the rules in Texas.

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How many days csn you be late befor repo

If i have a vehicle repossessed in the state of texas, is there anything that requires me to pay off balance after vehicle is sold at auction?

See the links below for the repossession laws and other information for Wisconsin.

You could try the Library or possibly the local courthouse.

The legal remedy for vehicle repossession is covered by UCC laws. Regardless of where the lender is located the car can be repossessed under the laws of the state where it was purchased or where it is now located, whichever means is most advantageous to the lender.

Sample letter of vehicle repossession for the state of texas

No, all that is necessary is a valid repossession order from the lender.

The laws and regulations on this in Texas were recently 'overhauled' and substantially changed. For up to date, precise information, please contact :- -Texas Department of Community and Housing Affairs, Manufactured Housing Division. They have an excellent website at -

Some states have set maximum amounts for repossession fees. The state of Texas,. however has not set a maximum amount on the fee that can be charged for a car repossession.

Can a repo man bust a chain and lock to your gate to gain access to your property for reposesion of your vehicle. I live in Texas.

When doing a repossession in Texas can you block their car in?Check with the local police departments. You probably can, as long as the car is NOT parked on private property.

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Try the links below for Connecticut Repo Laws and related information.

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Just log on to and ask questions.

Vehicle repossession laws in Arkansas is the same there as it is in every other state. One must pay his loans or risk facing legal action from the one that one has borrowed from.

Repo Laws can be found at a site called or you can also check your local laws.

There are several web resources about repossession in Illinois. In addition to this information, the Illinois General Assembly's website contains the full text of all Illinois Laws. Please see the links below.

It isn't relevant as both states allow repossession of a vehicle under UCC laws (without a breach of peace).

That depends on the country in which you live and you have not told us that.

Texas, Oregon, Washington and others.

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