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In the 1950s and 1960s it was always the US that had more.

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Which country had the greatest force of nuclear weapons in the 1950s?


In the 1950s which country had the greatest force of nuclear weapons?

United States

In 1950s which country had the greatest force of nuclear weapons?

In the 1950s the US had both the largest stockpile of bombs and the highest total megatonnage of yield.

In the 1950's which country had the greatest force of nuclear weapons?

US had up to an order of magnitude more nuclear weapons (or more) than USSR at all times in the 1950s.

Which country in the 1950s had the most nuclear weapons?

From 1945 until the late 1970s or early 1980s the United States always had the most nuclear weapons. After then the USSR/Russia has had the most nuclear weapons.

In the 1950s what country had the greatest force of nuclear power?

The United States of America

Which two countries tested nuclear weapons in the 1950s?


What country used nuclear weapons first?

The U.S. is first to have nuclear weapons, having nukes since 1945. The Soviet Union followed the U.S. by developing and testing their first nuke in 1949. Both nation started making hydrogen bombs (nukes using nuclear fission to explode) starting in the mid-1950s. Excuse me replying with a question, but were the Atomic bombs dropped on Japan in 1945 Nuclear weapons ? I am assuming they were, but do not know of the differentiation.

Does Australia have nuclear capabilities?

No Australia does not use nuclear weapons at this time. However Australia has had nuclear weapons tested within its borders.Australia does not have any nuclear weapons although there were several British tests at Maralinga, Emu field and Montebello Island in the 1950s. Australia has only 1 nuclear reactor at Lucas Heights near Sydney mainly for the production of useful isotopes.

How many Nuclear weapons do we have left over from World War 2?

No nuclear weapons from that era remain. The last MK-III bombs were recycled to make MK-4 or MK-5 bombs by the early 1950s.

Which reagon of the country showed the greatest population growth in the 1950s?

the industrial Midwest

What caused the arms race after World War 2?

Project 'Manhattan' or to simply say, Nuclear Bombs and the US "Red Scare" in the early 1950s. from then on every country wanted nuclear weapons, And the First to acquire was the US, then Russia, then the United Kingdom, then France, then China, then India, then Pakistan, then North Korea. It is believed that Israel also has them, but they refuse to either confirm or deny. At the peak of the cold war arms race both the US and Russia had more than 10,000 strategic nuclear weapons and roughly 50,000 tactical nuclear weapons each, no other country in the world has ever had more than a few hundred total strategic and tactical nuclear weapons. As of 2014 both the US and Russia have reduced their stockpiles to about 3000 strategic nuclear weapons and zero tactical nuclear weapons (however the US maintains the parts from the dismantled 7000 strategic nuclear weapons and in an emergency could still reassemble them in a few months time into usable weapons, Russia likely has similar ability).

Why didn't the US drop atomic bombs on Vietnam in the 1950s?

The US knew that if it used nuclear weapons, it might hurt the French

What was a result of hydrogen bomb testing in the 1950s?

Both the US and USSR had deliverable nuclear weapons in the 10+ megaton range by 1955.

Why did the size of the Air Force grow in the 1950s while other branches were shrinking?

In the 1950s. Having nuclear weapons were the newest and most recent weapon for all countries. Aircraft where concluded to be the best transportation for the weapons because the easy drop on the areas of cities or countries.

Does the nuclear bomb have helped the world to stay peaceful?

This is completely unclear. However some military and political scholars suggest that without nuclear weapons a WW3 would likely have been fought in the mid to late 1950s.

What country creates Nuclear weapons?

Any country that decides to can. All they need is about four years to build the nuclear materials processing infrastructure and a few competent Physics Grad students to do the design and they can have fission bombs. Fusion bombs are somewhat more difficult, but modern PCs and freeware hydrodynamics/etc. software are far more capable then the computers of the 1950s when such devices were first built.

Why did the US continue to develop more atomic weapons in the 1950s?

The USSR had developed a atomic bomb as well, so the US feared that they would be outnumbered in a nuclear war with the USSR

Would the cold war be different if nuclear weapons did not exist?

There probably would have been no cold war, but there probably would have been WW3, probably starting in early to mid 1950s.

What were the nuclear weapons in the 1950?

fission bombs, fusion bombs, in the late 1950s "clean fusion" bombs. aerial bombs, artillery shells, missile warheads, you name it they did it. (the DOD did want nuclear hand grenades and mortar shells, but the labs didn't quite get them that small.)

What was the time of greatest population growth in the world?


Fear of this kind of war reached hysteria in the 1950s?

nuclear warfare

Can nuclear power supply a community?

it has been doing it since the 1950s

How did the us prepare for a nuclear war in the 1950s?

more bigger bombs

What development during the 1950s made long-range bombers obsolete?

The development of intercontinental missiles in the 1950's made long range bombers obsolete. The intercontinental missiles were made for nuclear weapons.

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