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Rate of doing work with respect to time is called power.

Mathematical formula of power

Power = work / time

Unit of power

The si unit of power is watt

It is a scalar quantity.

Definition of watt

If a body does a work of one joule in one second then its power will be one watt (W).

The bigger units of power: 1 KW = 1,000 W

1 MW = 1,000 KW = 1,000,000 W

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Q: In the Energy category what is power?
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Power = energy / time. Energy = power x time.Power = energy / time. Energy = power x time.Power = energy / time. Energy = power x time.Power = energy / time. Energy = power x time.

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Electricity is an energy, But energy is a category and not a single entity.

What powers is not a category of exclusive power?

Reserved power

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No, it is a category of matter.

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You can report a supervisor who is abusing his power to the website.

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The same difference as between energy and power. Power = energy / time.

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Energy is the ability to do work. Power is the rate of energy.

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An electrical motor is one device that will fall into that category.

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The difference between energy and power signals...power signals have infinite energy but finite power..

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Power(watt) is the rate of change of energy. Take energy(joules) divide by time(seconds). u'll get power ________________________________________ Energy is the capacity to produce power

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The energy used to power a computer is Electrical Energy.

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What thermal energy is supplied by the heater in 10swhen the power is 1440w?

Since power is defined as energy/time, if you solve for energy, you get:energy = power x timeIf the time is in seconds and the power in watts, the energy is in joules.

what energy used to power a computer?

The energy used to power a computer is Electrical Energy.