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In the Suzuki Forenza is the check engine light common?

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With my Forenza , Sometimes when backing the check engine light will come on and stay on ,and the car runs rough as it is low on power . After Turing it on and off a few times , the check engine light will turn off and the car will run normal . What's the cause of this .

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How do you find check engine light code Suzuki Forenza?

The website in the sources and related links(below) can help.

How do you reset a 2006 suzuki Forenza check engine light?

The easiest way to reset the 2006 Suzuki check engine light is to remove the fuse. Keep the fuse out for 10 seconds, and replace it to its original slot.

Were is the trasmision dipstick on forenza suzuki 2007?

There is no dipstick you have to check it under the car

Where is the plug to check the transmission fluid on a 2007 Suzuki Forenza?

Its under the car

Where do you check the transmission fluid for a 2007 suzuki forenza?

the 2007 suzuki does not have a dip stick you must take it to a professional to get transmission fluid checked.

2006 suzuki forenza shakes only when speed reaches 50mph?

Check the air pressure in your tires

Everything have been check but your check lite is still on it a 04 suzuki forenza?

Possibility #1: Mechanics missed something. Possibility #2: Computer malfunction.

How do you replace the camshaft position sensor on 2004 suzuki forenza?

One would replace the camshaft position sensor on a 2004 Suzuki Forenza by taking it to a certified auto mechanic. The mechanic would then check out and repair the issue, thereby rendering the car back to a serviceable condition.

Why does check engine lite come on a Suzuki x90?

There are a number of reasons why the check engine light comes on, on a Suzuki x90. This is an indication that there is some malfunction in the engine which requires attention.

Where is the stick to check the transmission fluid on an 2006 Suzuki Forenza?

You can't!! You have to take it to the dealer. It has a special you need to unlock the transmission chamber.

How many miles change the timing belt of suzuki forenza 2004?

The Suzuki Forenza Maitnenence Schedule suggests inspecting it at 30,000 mile intervals and replacing it at 60,000 mile intervals. This car has an interference engine. That means that if the timing belt breaks the engine will suffer severe internal damage and will likely have to be replaced. Replacing the timing belt is rather expensive, but doing so may save you an engine..... Your not only supposed to check it at 30,000, but it needs to be adjusted. The belt will get loose after it has stretched and it needs to be tightened back up.

Why does your suzuki Verona 2004 check engine light keep flashing?

A flashing check engine light is an indication of a misfire.

How do you reset a 2004 suzuki Forenza check engine light?

All you have to do is disconnect the negative battery cable for 5 minutes and this will reset you computer to factory settings.... That will not clear it and even if you do get it to go off you still haven't fixed the problem and it will come back on.

How do you reset a check engine light in a Suzuki jimny?

To reset a check engine light in a Suzuki Jimny, one suggestion is to disconnect the negative battery cable for 5-10 minutes in order to reset the light.

Will a 2000 or newer Suzuki RM125 engine fit into a 1991 Suzuki RM125 frame?

The engine will line up, you might be able to fabricate some engine mounts and make it work. I would check with my Suzuki shop and ask them before attempting such a chore.

How do you turn off the check engine light on a suzuki engine?

There is a switch close to the steering column that turns it off.

Where is the service plug to check the transmission fluid on a 2006 suzuki Verona?

Near the Engine

How do you reset check engine light suzuki xl7 2007.?

Reset tje battery

Common problems with 1998 mystique check engine light on?

common problem with 1998 mystique check engine light on

How do you know your 2005 suzuki forenza needs a new fuel pump?

Your car well not start it will turn over but not start. If it is just having problems starting it may be a bad check valve.

The radio display in your 2004 Suzuki Forenza does not come on the radio works fine but there is no diplay?

check the fuse on the wires on your radio, there is a separate wire for the display lights that should be wired to your dash lights

Where is the Wells Camshaft Position Sensor on a 2004 Suzuki Forenza?

Our "Check Engine" light recently came on and we took it to the dealer to have it diagnosed. They said it was the Camshaft Sensor which keeps the cams and pistons properly timed and in correct position. I'm not exactly sure where, but all they said was that it was an internal part and told us that some part of the engine would have to be taken apart to change it.

How do you verify 1.6 liter 16 valve suzuki engine?

Check the VIN... serial # on engine... valve covers labeled... call a dealer...

Why am I getting P0705 trouble code suzuki forenza?

well your having a problem with the transmission range sensor which is covered by your suzuki warranty of 7yr 100k it may need a transmission check with your local dealer... The range sensor is not covered under the powertrain warranty, only 3 year 36,000

How do you turn off the check engine light on a 2006 suzuki aerio?

Disconnect the battery for a half hour and then reconnect, it should reset the engine light.