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In the UK can you drive alone with l plates and a provisional licience?


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no the only time which you can drive a car alone in the UK is when you have passed your driving test and you hold a full license. if you have not passed your driving test you can drive a car if you have a provisional license and L plates with a person who has held a full license for three years or more and is over 21 years old!


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no, just because you r 18 u still only have your permit and can only drive with another person that has a drivers licience

age to drive with a provisional license is 17

Not allowed.. needs to be 17 with a valid provisional liscense and only can drive accompanied by a full driver and with learner plates

A 16 year old can drive up to a 50CC with a provisional and i think a CBT, a 17 year old can drive up to a 125CC with provisional and CBT. People say putting "L" plates on the scooter replaces the need for a provisional license or CBT IT DOES NOT!!!!! most bikes can be restricted at a police station as I am lead to believe. Hope this helped

To drive a car on a provisional licence in the UK, you must have:insuranceL platesMOTTaxSupervision from a person who is over 21, has held their driving licence for three or more years and is sober and awake

You aren't allowed to drive on the motorways with a provisional license.

Providing that you are in compliance with ALL the requirements of the provisional license, yes.

In some states a provisional license is given to new drivers, restricting them to what hours and where they can drive. A form of provisional is also given sometimes to someone who has a revoked license, allowing them to drive for working duties.

No. You must be accompanied by a qualified driver, who holds a full license for at least two years for the category of vehicle you are driving.

as fare as my research goes there is plenty of opinions on the matter that reliant Robbin's can be driven on a provisional due to minor reasons such as. you must have a cat, B 1 licence an L plates must be.front-back . to me sounds quit true facts .

You can drive on a provisional licence anywhere in the UK provided that you have a qualified driver with you.

No. Read the front of your provisional license: "This is a learner license issued to enable the licensee to learn to drive and it is not valid outside Ireland"

Depends on what state you are in, but that sounds awfully high. You also should receive a notice in the mail to that effect.

You can buy a car at any age but you have to be at least 17 with a provisional license to drive it on the public roads - with a full licence holder with you - L plates and all.

No, you need to complete a CBT (compulsory basic training) which will enable you to ride either a 125cc or 50cc depending on your age. You will need L plates on until you pass your a1 test or direct access (21+)

16, generally.Anyone with a drivers license can drive alone, even a minors provisional drivers license. I say 16 because the earliest a californian can aquire a license is at age 16. I say "generally" because technically a younger, licensed, out of state driver could enter California.

No. You need full UK driving licence to drive in France

The mantle does not drive plates, the ductility of the Asthenosphere does.

A British provisional licence is for a learner driver in Britain and cannot be used anywhere else.You can drive in France with a full licence only. Provisional licences and Learner's permits are forbidden.

The provisional driver's license limits underage drivers by what times they can drive. It also limits the age and amount of passengers they can transport.

You cannot drive on expired license plates at all.

You can get provisional at 16, and you are aloud to drive when you are 17. it is better to get provisional when you are 16 because the law will change soon and you will not be able to get your provisional at 16 and start driving at the age of 17. Every U.S. State, every country, and probably every province has there own laws, so you'll have to check with them.

yes. you can drive a vehicle up to 3.5 tons on a provisional license

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