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no the only time which you can drive a car alone in the UK is when you have passed your driving test and you hold a full license. if you have not passed your driving test you can drive a car if you have a provisional license and L plates with a person who has held a full license for three years or more and is over 21 years old!

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Q: In the UK can you drive alone with l plates and a provisional licience?
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You just got your permit and you are 18 Can you drive alone?

no, just because you r 18 u still only have your permit and can only drive with another person that has a drivers licience

What is the age to drive on a provisional license?

age to drive with a provisional license is 17

Can a provisional driver drive another provisional driver?


What can a 16 year old drive on the road in England?

Not allowed.. needs to be 17 with a valid provisional liscense and only can drive accompanied by a full driver and with learner plates

How old do you have to be to drive a scooter in the UK?

A 16 year old can drive up to a 50CC with a provisional and i think a CBT, a 17 year old can drive up to a 125CC with provisional and CBT. People say putting "L" plates on the scooter replaces the need for a provisional license or CBT IT DOES NOT!!!!! most bikes can be restricted at a police station as I am lead to believe. Hope this helped

Can you travel to Scotland on a provisional licence?

You aren't allowed to drive on the motorways with a provisional license.

In the UK do you need insurance if you are driving with L plates and a provisional licence?

To drive a car on a provisional licence in the UK, you must have:insuranceL platesMOTTaxSupervision from a person who is over 21, has held their driving licence for three or more years and is sober and awake

Can you drive a 3 wheeler on a provisional license?


Can you drive out of NJ with provisional driver's license?


Can you take a test drive at a dealership with a provisional?


Can you drive in Florida on a provisional license?

Providing that you are in compliance with ALL the requirements of the provisional license, yes.

What is a provisional license?

In some states a provisional license is given to new drivers, restricting them to what hours and where they can drive. A form of provisional is also given sometimes to someone who has a revoked license, allowing them to drive for working duties.

Can you drive a quad on a provisional license?

No Sorry mate

Can you drive out of state with a NJ provisional license?


Can you drive a utility vehicle on provisional license?


Can you drive on a provisional licence in an automatic on your own?

Not in the UK.

Can you drive alone with a provisional licence in Republic of Ireland?

No. You must be accompanied by a qualified driver, who holds a full license for at least two years for the category of vehicle you are driving.

Can you use a provisional license to travel to Edinburgh?

You can drive on a provisional licence anywhere in the UK provided that you have a qualified driver with you.

Can you drive with 12points on your licience?

Depends on what state you are in, but that sounds awfully high. You also should receive a notice in the mail to that effect.

Can you drive on a provisional license from Ireland in the US?

No. Read the front of your provisional license: "This is a learner license issued to enable the licensee to learn to drive and it is not valid outside Ireland"

Can you drive a reliant robin on a provisional?

as fare as my research goes there is plenty of opinions on the matter that reliant Robbin's can be driven on a provisional due to minor reasons such as. you must have a cat, B 1 licence an L plates must be.front-back . to me sounds quit true facts .

Can you drive a tractor with a provisional license?

Its better to use your hands.

Is there a minimum age to buy a car in UK?

You can buy a car at any age but you have to be at least 17 with a provisional license to drive it on the public roads - with a full licence holder with you - L plates and all.

What test do you need to pass to drive a moped 50cc in UK?


Can you drive a motorcycle with a provisional license by just sticking L plates on?

No, you need to complete a CBT (compulsory basic training) which will enable you to ride either a 125cc or 50cc depending on your age. You will need L plates on until you pass your a1 test or direct access (21+)