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IT was on Pennsylvania IT was on Pennsylvania

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Q: In the Westray mine disaster were there any miners from Saskatchewan?
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Who was effected by the pike river mine disaster?

The miners and contractor's families.

Do miners mine for diamonds?

Yes, miners mine for diamonds.

How many miners got out of the Knox mine disaster through the eagle air shaft?

My research concluded that, thanks to the knowledge of the Eagle Air Shaft by mine surveyor Joe Stella, 33 miners were able to escape through it.

How many miners were at the mine in Chile when it collapsed?

There were 33 miners in the mine

Do coal miners mine for coal?

Yes, coal miners mine coal.

How were the Chilean Mine Disaster miners finally rescued?

A rescue shaft was bored down to their location and they were winched up one at a time.

Who was killed in Kaitangita coal disaster?

34 miners were killed in the mine explosion on February 21, 1879 as a result of suffocating from black damp.

What has the author James Brock written?

James Brock has written: 'The Sunshine Mine disaster' -- subject(s): Poetry, Silver mines and mining, Silver miners, Mines and mineral resources, Sunshine Mine Disaster, Kellogg, Idaho, 1972, Mine accidents 'Nearly Florida' 'Gods & money'

What type of mine did they rescue the miners from?

Chilian Mine

What do miners do at work?


How many miners were stuck in the underground mine in Chile?

I believe there was 32 miners.

What do miners use in a mine?

A Pitchstick.

What can miners do to mine responsibly?

they dig

What do Alabama miners mine for?


What are called worker of mine?


When did Coal Glen mine disaster happen?

Coal Glen mine disaster happened in 1925.

When did Hurricane Creek mine disaster happen?

Hurricane Creek mine disaster happened in 1970.

What was the unique name given those who were searching for gold?

They were called the gold minersBack then they use to go to mines and mine for gold.That is why they were named gold minersgold mines-where they mine for goldgold miners-people who mine for gold

What do the miners mine in the mine of san Jose Chile?

Cooper and gold

Where is the largest potash mine in Saskatchewan?


How long were the chili miners down there for?

the Chile miners were trapped in the mine for 69 days

How many people survived the cherry mine disaster?

241 people survived the cherry mine disaster.

What do the miners in the rainforest mine?

Gems, mostly.

What do they mine in chile were the miners are traped?


How did the chile miners get trapped?

the mine collapsed