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NEVER consider a runaway person dead! The key word here is "runaway." This person is still alive in the eyes of the law until they find out otherwise. Unfortunately, the police are loaded with different cases and at some point they will have to cease on the search for certain people or victims because of the manpower it takes, but many officers will keep a keen eye out for missing people (unfortunately, if they find an unidentified body.) Usually runaways don't travel all that far. Sit down and think of: Conversations you have heard from this person and if they have mentioned a specific place they would have wanted to visit. The chances of this person being there is almost 100%. It's amazing, but a person who is unhappy can sit and whine as to what they wish they could do, what they have missed and sit there like a blob, but if they runaway then they have wings under their feet. Go through any diaries, letters, or personal phone books of this person. (If kids, these can often be hidden under mattresses, taped under drawers, hidden behind pictures, in clothing or shoes or old boxes in their closet or even a loose floor board or hidden space in the wall. Check out their computer (if they have one) and get as much information as you can. If you are not computer knowledgeable then have a friend come over and search for info on that computer. Talk to their friends. Most will play stupid, but watch their eyes and body language and if their eyes dart, their body language speaks of shifting from foot to foot or they are "antsy" they know something. If this is the case the best you can do is have the police talk to them. Get a picture of the person and go to your bus station, train station, airport and show them the photo. Once you have as much information as you can get your hands on then you can choose to see a detective. If you are lucky you may get a retired police officer to help you in your search. Often police officers will go into detective work (independent) because they find it tough to just sit around at home after the hectic job they have performed for most of their life. There are many police officers out there that really do care about certain cases and sometimes try to solve in their lifetime, and some succeed. Most people who even change their names seldom pick a name not too far from their own. Examples: The person's name is Caroline Johnson or (if male) Glen Smith GIRLS: BOYS: CAROL Johnson LEN Smith Caroline JONES Glen SMYTH I think you get the picture. They will also usually change a name in accordance to a friends name or an old family name (lots of these in Georgia.) Believe it or not runaways are not always runaways and I'm sure it has entered your mind that possibly several things could have happened to this person: They were taken against their will; they ran away because they were in trouble; or, unfortunately, something terrible happened to them and they can't contact home. I have been watching several programs on psychics. Only choose the ones that you know have worked with the police department. Yes! Some of these psychics are called in when the police have no clues, but ask a police officer and they will deny it. The statistics are higher than you think for these psychics finding where a person is. I am happy to say that it's a possibility this person is alive and well, but at least you will know they are and where they are living. Believe it or not, some of these people are found within blocks of their very own home! There was just a couple of cases of that a few months ago. A girl had lived over a year a mere 3 blocks from her parents home and all that time the poor parents thought she was missing or possibly dead. The girl simply didn't come out of the duplex her and her boyfriend were renting until it was late at night. The other case was a young woman that was suppose to be getting married. She disappeared! Several weeks later and much heartbreak on the parents and groom's part and her face and name splashed all over the TV she realized what trouble she had caused and came forward. I do believe she was pushed into this marriage and should have stood her ground and said "NO!" I found the groom to be very controlling and his last words were, "The wedding is still going to happen!" as his bride-to-be stood thre looking very unhappy. Don't just go to any psychic because there are charlatans amongst them. Go onto: Type in: Psychics who help the police Many people as a last resort will try anything, and I suggest if this pains you deeply and you are on a "need to know basis" then I'd try a psychic. I know I would and I'm 100% Christian! Keep trying! God Bless Marcy A person can be declared legally dead after they have been missing for seven years from the date a missing person report (including runaway or absentee minor) has been filed. The nearest kin, parents, siblings, spouse must file a petition in the state probate court requesting the person be declared legally dead for the purposes of settling the missing person's personal and financial affairs. When the action pertains to a minor another reason that applies is the parents can be relieved of their legal responsibility even though the minor will, in all likelihood have reached the age of majority and could be living in another locality.

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Q: In the state of Georgia how long does it take to consider a runaway dead or when do they stop or slow down the search?
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