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Yes, the compulsory education law of MO. is 16, and the legal age of majority is 18. The situation is slightly different if there is a court order pertaining to child support.

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Q: In the state of Missouri is an 18-year-old that is still in high school considered emancipated?
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In the state of Missouri if a sixteen year old drops out of school and is working full time is she considered fully emancipated if so will that effect child support payments?

Only if court approved emancipation. see links

Are you considered emancipated if you are 17-years-old and have finished school?

No. Graduating high school does not emancipate a minor.

In Pennsylvania Can a 18 year old withdraw from high school without being emancipated?

At the age of 18 years old, the person is no longer considered a child. They are now considered an adult and would not need to be emancipated to do anything, including dropping out of high school.

Is a pregnant 17-year-old who has graduated from high school considered emancipated in North Carolina?

No. If you are under 18 you have to petition the court, or get married, to be emancipated.

What if you get emancipated and you are 16 and want to move with your boyfriend of 19 who has a god job and where you will be able to continue school and just be in a better place then your home?

If you are emancipated you are considered an adult. You can live where you want to.

Can an emancipation still take place if a soldier is still in high school?

Once an individual is on active duty with the military, they are considered emancipated. Since you have to be 18 to join the military, it pretty much is a wash. But if you are 17 and join with parental permission, you are considered emancipated.

When emancipated and away from parents does the state consider you an adult when going to high school?

When you are emancipated you are considered an adult in everything you do- including any crimes you commit, so I'd recommend not stealing. You'll be tried as an adult.

Can an eighteen year old high school senior be emancipated from her parents in order to gain financial aid for college?

If you're 22 or younger, your parents income will still be considered, even if you were emancipated. Otherwise everyone would do that.

If you are currently receiving child support and are 18 would you be considered emancipated if you were to get engaged?

At 18 you became legally emancipated according to the state. * Some states allow child support to continue beyond the age of 18 if the child is in school. I

You dropped out of school and got your GED Does that mean you are emancipated?

No. A high school diploma or a GED doesn't have anything to do with being emancipated. Emancipation is not related to education.

What if a seventeen year old gets pregnant is she considered an adult is she isn't in school?

no. you need to move out of your parents house, get a job or your GED, then get yourself emancipated

Are you legally emancipated at 17 if you are dropped out of school in PA?

If you drop out of school at age 17 in Pennsylvania, it does not legally emancipate you. You must petition the court and be emancipated by a judge.

Is a 17 year old considered an adult if they drop out of high school in Missouri and moved out of the custodial parents home?


When was Missouri School for the Blind created?

Missouri School for the Blind was created in 1851.

When was Missouri School of Journalism created?

Missouri School of Journalism was created in 1908.

Is a 17 year-old mother considered emancipated and move in with her 21-year-old boyfriend and his mother if she does not have a job and not in school?

how do I get the answer to my Question?

How do you drop out of high school?

Get emancipated and stop going.

Are you emancipated if you graduate high school at 17?

Not automatically, no.

Can a pregnant 14 year old get emancipated in Missouri?

No. There is no judge who would do that. At 14 you are not done with school and can not get a job or a place to live. You need your parents to support you and if emancipated they are no longer responsible for you and you are completely on your own. 14 is too young for that. When pregnant and after you decide things regarding your baby but your parents still decide regarding you.

Can a 17-year-old move to Missouri from Kansas without their parents' permission?

Not unless they've been emancipated. But once they turn 18 they can :) as long as you go t school.

Can you balance bills and a job and schoolwork after being emancipated and can you move out in Arkansas at the age of seventeen?

You must be able to balance bills/job/school in order to get emancipated. If you are emancipated then you can move out at 17.

When was University of Missouri School of Law created?

University of Missouri School of Law was created in 1872.

When was University of Missouri School of Medicine created?

University of Missouri School of Medicine was created in 1872.

Do you have to be emancipated to get back support and go to school?

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How many high school are in Missouri?

There is approx about 24 in Missouri