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you have to wait 30 week days . and you must go to the school to get a renew form

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How do I renew my histology technician license?

To renew my license in histology technician license we have to present to pass certain courses of retraining and learning with good grades to get the license renewed.

Do you have to have good grades in Carolina to get your drivers license?

Your parents may set that rule. And insurance is usually cheaper if the driver has good grades, which may influence your parent's ability to cover you.

Do you have to have good grades to get license in Kentucky?

It would depend on what license you want.

What happens when your learners permit is taken for bad grades?

If your smart you'll hit the books.

Can you get your license in North Carolina if you drop out of school under the age of 18?

no you can't. it's against the law in North Carolina. it pretty much sucks. even if you do stay n school your grades has to stay up if not they take them aways and charge you to get them back

How much cheaper is it to get your learner's permit if you're a student with higher school grades?

The price of the learners permit isn't much different, but automobile insurance is a lot cheaper with good grades.

Should kids have at least a c in their grades before they get their license?

Yes because better grades will help with the car insurance!

Do you have to make good grades to keep your motorcycle license?

No, you just have to be a safe driver.

What kind of grades do you have to have to get a motorcycle license?

Your grades in school will have no bearing on whether or not you can get a motorcycle endorsement on your drivers license. You'll most likely have to pass a written test and riding skills test to obtain your endorsement. Note: there are other factors such as age, state laws, etc. that will determine what you need to do. Contact your local drivers license office for complete information.

If you get a teacher license for grades 7-12 can you later add grades K-6?

Usually you can, but it depends on the laws of your state. You would need additional college coursework.

How long do you have to wait to get your license if your permit was taken due to bad grades?

I dont know 25 years? or 72 years

What do your grades have to be to get your license in Florida?

There is no grade requirement for obtaining a driver's license. However, most insurance companies do offer "Good Student" discounts for students (part- or full-time) with higher GPAs.

What are same ways learners can prevent dropping out or failing at college or university?

If learners are motivated to study, they will be able to understand lessons more, and they will develop an interest in learning eventually. Once they do, studying hard is key to maintaining grades. When one is doing well in their education, they will feel even more motivated to keep studying.

Are there fashion camps in North Carolina?

There are fashion camps located in North Carolina. NC State University offers a design lab for children in the grades K-12 and there are fashion camps in Durham and Charlotte.

Should high school students that are failing lose their drivers license?

From a practical and fair perspective high school students that are failing should not lose their drivers license. A drivers license could be essential to keeping a job and any punishment would unfairly impact a working student and their family. However good grades are rewarded by some car insurance companies who offer discounts for students with good grades.

How the resource teacher communicate learners assessment result and grades to parents?

.The resource teacher can communicate to parents through direct mail and email. The resource teacher can also communicate through parent-teacher conferences

How does Gradekeeper School License work?

After you enter your grades and attendance, Gradekeeper will do the rest. Gradekeeper computes grades, prints reports, does seating charts, and even posts grades online. With the companion application for your Palm OS or Pocket PC handheld, you can record grades and attendance during class and synchronize with your desktop computer later. In a word, it is as easy-using as your paper gradebook, and it does much more than you think.

Is grades an adverb?

No, the word grades is not an adverb.The word grades is a verb ("she grades the papers") and a noun ("your grades are terrible").

How many grades of meat are there?

5 grades of beef 5 grades of veal 3 grades of lamb 3 grades of poultry 1 grade of pork

Why in England you don't have grades?

The UK does have grades but they are called years instead of grades.

What grades do you need?

good grades

Why was Jupiter grades made?

Jupiter grades was made for teachers to calculate students grades.

How many piano grades in keyboard to do?

If you mean piano grades, there is one preliminary grade, eight actual grades and three diploma grades.

What grades did chad johnson get?

bad grades.

For what grades does Free Science Fair Projects Network offer its services?

The grades that Free Science Fair Projects Network offer for are the elementary grades. These are the grades in public school, from grades three to eight.

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