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Sodium chloride is a chemical compound, not a mixture.

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Is sodium chloride a mixture?

No, it is a compound, hence it is a pure substance. A mixture has no definite composition of constituents but sodium chloride has always a fixed composition i.e. one atom of sodium and one atom of Chlorine

What type of atom is in sodium chloride?

Sodium chloride is formed from sodium and chlorine.

Is sodium chloride the same as sodium hydroxide?

No they are not. For starters, their names are different. Secondly, in one molecule of sodium chloride (NaCl), there is one atom of sodium to each chloride atom. In sodium hydroxide (NaOH), there is one sodium atom, one oxygen atom, and one hydrogen atom. Sodium chloride is known as salt, and sodium hydroxide is known as lye, or caustic soda.

Does sodium chloride contain molecules?

Sodium Chloride is a molecule. A molecule contains 2 or more atoms. Each molecule of Sodium Chloride contains 1 sodium atom and 1 chloride atom.

Is sodium atom is a isolated atom?

yes sodiom atom is an isolated one it is the atom of sodium sodium chloride is salt

What happens then a sodium atom and a clorine atom exchange an electron?

The sodium atom gives an electron to the chlorine atom to make the sodium and chloride ions respectively. Then they form ionic bonds forming sodium chloride.

How can an atom of sodium an atom of chlorine form a molecule of sodium chloride?

sodium gives one electron to form sodium cation. chlorine accepts one electron to form chloride anion sodium chloride consists of an array or sodium ions and chloride ions

What does one sodium atom plus one chloride atom makes up?

One formula mass of the salt sodium chloride.

What is the atomic number of sodium chloride?

Sodium chloride is not an atom, so it doesn't have an atomic number.

How many sodium elements are in sodium chloride?

The formula unit of sodium chloride (NaCl) contain only 1 sodium atom.

What is the ratio of sodium ion and sodium chloride?

One atom of sodium in each formula unit of sodium chloride. Your question is confuse.

How does a sodium atom form a bond with a chlorine atom?

sodium has 11electrons and chloride 17 .Sodium has 2 unstable electrons that be lost to make it stable.When chloride has 7 unstable electrons and needs only 1 electrons to be come stable. When sodium and chloride react,sodium loses its electron and it is gained by chloride there by forming a compound sodium chloride NaCl

A chlorina atom becomes a chloride in when this happens?

A chlorine atom becomes a chloride ion when it gains an electron from a metal atom, such as sodium.

How many atoms are there in chlorine for sodium chloride?

Sodium chloride (NaCl) formula unit has one chlorine atom.

Sodium chloride has 1 to 1 ratio of its...?

Sodium chloride has a 1 to 1 ratio of its constituent atoms, sodium and chlorine. Sodium chloride, table salt, is a two-atom molecule. One atom of sodium is bonded to one atom of chlorine. The two atoms have combine to make a molecule of salt in a one-to-one ratio.

How much chloride is in sodium chloride?

1 atom in each molecule (60,33417 %)

What is the symbol for a sodium atom?

What is the symbol for a sodium atom? is not the same as What is the atomic symbol for sodium chloride? I have no idea what the answer is but it sure as you know what ain't that.

Does sodium chloride represent a physical or chemical property?

No. Sodium Chloride (NaCl) is a simple compound which involves the binding of a Sodium and a Chlorine atom.

Why sodium chloride is called a molecule?

A molecule is a grouping of more than one atom. Sodium chloride contains a sodium atom and a chlorine atom. It's also called a compound because the two atoms are from different elements.

What is in a NaCl atom?

A molecule of NaCl (Sodium chloride) is comprised of Sodium and Chlorine.

Is a sodium ion larger or smaller than the sodium atom?

A sodium ion has two electronic shells while sodium three so ion is smaller than atom.

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