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Currently around 71%:

About 49% of electricity is generated from coal, 21% from natural gas, and 1% from petroleum. Adding those together, you get about 71%.

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Q: In the us what percentage of electricity is derived from fossil fuels?
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What percentage of electricity in the us is produced by fossil fuels?

what percentage of electricity in the U.S. is produced by fossil fuels

What percent of electricity produced in the UK comes from burning fossil fuels?

what percentage of electricity produced in the UK comes from burning fossil fuels ?

Is all electricity made from fossil fuels?

no electricity is made from fossil fuels.

Is electricity made of fossil fuels?

No. Some electricity is made by using fossil fuels. There's a difference.

Which energy source produces the greatest percentage of electricity?

Fossil fuels have been used to produce the greatest amount of electricity. Following fossil fuels is renewable energies, which some argue, will one day be the biggest source of electricity.

Are fossil fuels used to make electricity?

Some electricity is made by burning fossil fuels, but there are other ways to make electricity.

What do fossil fuels give electricity to?

Well, fossil fuels don't give the electricity they are part of making it though. By burning fossil fuels it creates steam which turns a turbine that generates electricity.

How can using less electricity cut down on the use of fossil fuels?

Most electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels. If we use less electricity, then the use of fossil fuels will also be less.

The majority of the worlds electricity is supplied by burning 2 words?

fossil fuels.

Could fossil fuels create electricity?

Yes, fossil fuels can and do create electricity. Most electricity round the world today is generated by burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas).

What fossil fuels can be used to produce electricity?

like coal ,petrolem are the fossil fuels

What makes the burning of fossil fuels?

the burning of fossil fuels makes up electricity.

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