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Q: In what frame was ansel adams' photograph 'The Tetons and Snake River'?
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What type of art is Ansel Adams famous for?

Ansel Adams is a very famous black and white landscape photographer. He focused on the American West and shot a lot of landscapes in National Parks. Two of his morewell known photographs are "The Tetons and Snake River", "Moonrise", and "Monolith".

Where did Ansel Adams first photograph?


Where did Ansel Adams photograph?

Adams is usually associated with Yosemite National Park.

Who developed the zone system in photograph?

Ansel Adams

What is Ansel Adams's most famous photograph?

yosemite falls

Who was the first president to have his photograph taken?

John Quincy Adams in 1848.

What was ansel Adams first publushed photograph?

i believe it was the yosemite‑valley

What camera did Ansel Adams use in his first photograph?

A Kodak brownie box

Who is the earliest president of whom a photograph exists?

There is a photo of John Quincy Adams, taken after he was president.

What is difference between photograph and photographer?

A photograph is a picture, the image itself, and it is also a verb describing what is done to obtain the image. A photographer is someone who makes the exposure and photograph. I saw a wonderful Ansel Adams photograph today. Mr. Mills will photograph you and we'll put a copy of it in the newsletter. He's a really fine photographer.

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John Adams

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What US president swam in the Potomac River?

John Quincy Adams

What has the author Arthur G Adams written?

Arthur G. Adams has written: 'The Hudson River in Literature' 'Guide to the Catskills and the Region Around' 'The Hudson river guidebook' -- subject(s): Guidebooks

When and where was baseball player Doug Adams born?

Doug Adams was born January 27, 1943, in Blue River, WI, USA.

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john Quincy Adams

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Some of the major rivers in the state of Colorado are Adams Fork Conejos River, Colorado River, and the Arkansas River. Dolores River and Green River are also major rivers in the state.

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John Quincy Adams took his last skinny dip in the Potomac River on his 79 birthday

Who was the president who took nude early swim in the Potomac river?

John Q. Adams

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Swimming, preferably naked in the Potomac River in fact!

Which US Presidents went skinny dipping in the Potomac River?

John Quincy Adams

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Swimming nude in the Potomac River in the morning (weather permitting)

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Swimming, preferably naked in the Potomac River in fact!

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yes. he would skinny dip in the potamac river every morning

Which president swam nude in the Potomac River and was the first to be interview by a female?

john Quincy Adams