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Central Asia, from Himalayas to Mongolia and south Russia !

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What does a snow leopards name mean?

Snow Leopard does not mean anything. The Snow part of the name just means snow, and the Leopard part of the name means leopard. The difference between a regular Leopard and a Snow Leopard is that the Snow Leopard is white with black spots.

What part of Africa does the snow leopard live in?

Snow leopards do not live in Africa. They live in Central Asia. Most especially China. In mountains and the Himalaya's to be exact.

Can a snow leopard live without snow?

Yes. It can. The snow leopard just lives in snow for six months of the year!

Does a snow leopard live in a cave?


Does a snow leopard live in a grassland?


Where does a snow leopord live?

A snow leopard lives in the Himalayas.

How does the Snow Leopard survive on Mount Everest?

The Snow Leopard does not live on Mount Everest, no big cat does.

Does a snow leopard live in groups or alone?

Snow Leopards live alone.

Snow leopard live in the Taiga?


Does the snow leopard live in the rain forest?


When did the snow leopard live on earth?

It still does!

Do snow leopard live in mountain?

Yes they do

Where does an snow leopard live?

sounth of russia

Does the snow leopard live in India?

The snow leopard does live in certain parts of India, depending on the climate, and it also lives in many countries in Asia.

What Biome does the snow leopard live in?

snow leopards live in alpine and sub-alpine biomes

What types of animals live on mountains?

nilgiri thar , snow leopard, world"s smallest deer

What is the lightest leopard?

a snow leopard is the lightest leopard

Do snow leopards live alone or in groups?

The snow leopard lives alone.

Why do snow leopard neat to live?

they neat to live so they live to neat

Does a snow leopard live in a tundra biome?

they live in the ALPINE tundra

How long does the snow leopard live?

snow leopards live about until they're 20-40 something

Which part of Antarctica do snow petrels live?

they live in Darla world

What biome does a snow leopard live in?

The tundra biome

Where does the snow leopard live on Mount Everest?

they dont

Does the snow leopard live in one place?

yes they do