In what prison are the Hernandez brothers incarcerated?

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If you are referring to the Menendez brothers who murdered their parents in California in 1989, they’re serving their sentences in different prisons in California. Lyle is at Mule Creek State Penitentiary, while Erik is at Folsom State Prison.
Aaron Hernandez, Brother of D.J Hernandez moved to Boston Prison July 9 2014. He was charged for killing Odin Lloyd in June 2013 (He pleaded not guilty). He also pleaded guilt to the second case of killing 2 men in boston in 2012.
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If your uncle is in prison for a wrongful conviction how can you help him file for divorce while he is incarcerated for a low fee?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nMost states have links to their court clerks offices etc. where you can print out blank legal forms to be filled out and notarized at the clerks office. Usually all you have to pay for is the filing fee. Check with your local clerks office and see if that is available ( Full Answer )

How can I find out why my brother is in prison in Utah?

Answer . You ask how you can find out why your brother is in prison in Utah.\n. \nI don't mean this to sound flip but wouldn't the simplest way be to write or visit and ask him directly? This is a sensitive situation so it would seem the best solution is to go directly to the person who should ( Full Answer )

What is prison?

prison is a building where people go when the committe a crime, you can go to jail for 2 hours to a life time, depending on a crime you committed. if you committe murder its 100 years because, taking someone elses life is horrible so, the law discided to take you life. ITS ONLY FAIR!!!! i think so ( Full Answer )

In American History X Edward Norton plays Derek Vinyard a skinhead who is incarcerated after he kills a black man by stomping his head on the curb How many years does he spend in prison before he you?

He spent three years in prison for murdering two African American men who tried to steal his truck. Derek becomes a skinhead after his father (a firefighter) gets murdered putting out a fire in an African American neighbourhood. Derek sees this as his chance to get revenge Edward Norton earned an A ( Full Answer )

What is plies brother name in prison?

I'm wondering the same thing. I've been going to every website I know for at least 30 minutes and have yet to find him.

Have any of the Jonas brothers ever gone to prison?

no none of the Jonas brothers have ever even been arested so they have clean records idk where all these jail/prison questions are coming out of ut no i can say that NON have been to prison or jail or even aressted

What is an alternative to incarceration?

For lesser crimes, including some misdemeanors there arealternatives to incarceration. The alternatives range from finesand probation, to in house arrest.

What prison movie had a twin brother exchange himself so the other can escape?

I've had this same question bouncing around my head for years with no luck! I thought it was Jack Palance in 'My Brothers Keeper' but can't find that film listed anywhere or anything like it in Palance's IMDB listing. Good twin goes into prison to trade places with the bad twin, allowing the convict ( Full Answer )

Who is Hernandez?

Carlos Hernanddez is a brazilion soccer player who currently plays in Australia for Melbourne Victory. He plays as a striker.

What is deferred incarceration?

In the US, Deferred incarceration is a sentence of imprisonment that is allowed to be served at a future time. Commonly, a deferred incarceration is conditional. For example, a court may defer an imprisonment, pending the results of an appeal. A court decides whether a prison sentence may be deferr ( Full Answer )

How do you find out what prison your brother is in in Dublin?

There are three prisons in Dublin, Ireland. Contact the Irish Prison Service and they may be able to help you. IDA Business Park, Ballinalee Road, Longford, Co. Longford Telephone: +353 43 33 35100 Fax: +353 43 33 35371 E-mail: Moving away from the first assumption, The Fed ( Full Answer )

Who was Michael's brother on Prison Break?

Michael Scofield's brother was Lincoln Burrows. His prison nickname was Linc The Sink; he was on death row and had nothing left to lose; if you messed with him he'd come at you with everything he had.

When was TI incarcerated?

On March 27th, 2009, TI was sentenced to one year and one day in prison for felony weapons charges stemming from his October 2007 arrest.

Who is Javier Hernandez?

Javier Hernández (born June 1, 1988 in Guadalajara) is a Mexican footballer who plays as a striker for Manchester United. Hernández, also commonly known by his nickname Chicharito, has been playing for Manchester United since 2010.

Who is Aaron Hernandez?

Aaron Hernandez (1989-2017) was a tight end on the Florida Gatorscollege team. He was born November 6, 1989 in Bristol, CT. After 3seasons with the New England Patriots, he was charged withmurdering a drug dealer in 2013 and subsequently convicted. Hisdeath in prison in 2017 was ruled a suicide, and ( Full Answer )

How to explain to my brother in prison that he can't parole out to me?

Tell him and tell him why. So not soft sell it. Do not pad it or preface it. If there is a reason, give it to him. Then, tell him how you feel about him. If you love him, tell him you do. If you want him to succeed, tell him how you are going to do that, then do it. He is in a place where he either ( Full Answer )

When does a prisoner get out?

Discharge from jail and prison are similar, but there aredifferences as well. Generally, discharge from each depends onsentening. Jail incarceration can be of two types however: pre andpost adjudication. Some pretrial defendants may be housed in jail,especially those who do not or cannot make bail. ( Full Answer )

What would happen if you incarcerate a woman inside a male prison?

This isn't done in most countries but, where it is, girls generally have a rougher time due to their typically smaller physical stature. However, this depends entirely on the venue or facility, and and the type of criminals incarcerated there.

Why did God permit Joseph to experience prison and slavery and why did his brothers deliver Joseph into slavery?

According to the Biblical narrative, Joseph was brought to Egypt sothat he could save the House of Jacob from the impending famine. Ofcourse, this does not address the issue of why God could not havejust prevented the famine altogether and saved everyone. Answer: God permitted Joseph to experienc ( Full Answer )

Where is tna hernandez?

he has been in a Mexico with a Mexican orginazation for the last 6 months but should be back in a number of weeks

What are the results of incarceration?

Supposedly to rehabilitate convicted offenders and have them "see" the error of their ways. Partly as retribution and punishment - but even more importantly - while they're in jail/prison they aren't committing any more crimes against innocent citizens.

Do border brothers pay taxes to the mexican mafia in Arizona prisons?

The mexican mafia in arizona state prison pays tax to the border brothers anytime they endeavor in promoting mexican contraband, whether it be drugs, guns or other illegal merchandise. The tax is included in the total price of the merchandise purchased. The main problem in prison is the extortion of ( Full Answer )

Can a person that has been convicted and sentenced to Federal Prison obtain a passport while incarcerated or after release as a parolee obtain a passport?

Yes, your criminal status does not enter into whether you can be issued one or not. HOWEVER - your felon status may cause the court to restrict your travel and the use of it. ADDITIONALLY: the prison authorities who have control over your mail may administratively restrict your ability to contact t ( Full Answer )

Can you vote if incarcerated in prison?

Maine and Vermont are the only states that allow convicted felons to vote while in prison. (by absentee ballot) Other states allow convicted felons to vote after they served their terms and in some states they lose their right to vote permanently.

Who is William Hernandez?

Philadelphia the 15th season of MTV's reality television series TheReal World,staring 7 people including William Hernandez.

My fiancé is incarcerated. We want to get married and the prison is being very difficult. How can we get married?

You may still become legally married by proxy. A "proxy marriage"is a marriage where a stand-in (a "proxy") stands in for the absentgroom or bride. A proxy marriage is handled entirely through themail. No travel is necessary. And the civil marriage ceremony(using proxies) actually happens, by POA (p ( Full Answer )