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For one total war is a term used when a country was contributing all of its resources to the war. Second countries from all over the world were involved in the war including all the superpowers and many of the smaller countries. (Brazil, United States, England, Japan, Russia, Australia and etc.)

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To what extent was World War 2 in Europe the inevitable result of World War I and the postwar settlement?

communism and democracy

In what ways did World War I help American workers?

in what ways did world war 1 help American workers

Did children spy in World War 2?

To a limited extent, yes they did.

To what extent World War 1 was world war?

pretty much all of Europe, north and south America, Africa, and some countries in Asia were at war.

What is the extent of the conflict in World War 1?

All continents, all oceans.

World War 1 was a total war?

Yes. World War I falls into the category of total war because the major focus of the governments involved was the war.

To what extent did the US achieve the objectives that led it to enter World War 1?

The U.S. entered World War 1 to stop the unrestricted submarine warfare being carried out by Germany. The U.S. achieved its objectives to the fullest extent.

How did world war 1 become a total war?

Some disagree that WWI was not a 'total war'. By definition, a total war is a war in which a nation mobilizes all available resources to stop the enemy force. World War II is a better description of a 'total war'.

The first total war in world history was what?

world war 1

What World War I was mainly about?

To a very large extent it was about whether Europe was to be dominated by Germany.

In what ways did the US remain undecided about which side to support in World War I?

In what ways did the US remain undecided about which side to support in world war 1?

What is the extent to which Germany can be blamed for the outbreak of World War 2?

Hitler and Germany was entirely responsible for the start of World War 2 when Hitler invaded Poland.

In what ways might World War 1 be seen as a progressive war in America?

World war two was used for power.

What are three ways total war affected ordinary citizens?

Military conscription was one way in which total war affected ordinary citizens. Other ways included an increase in taxes, and rationing.

How was World War 1 considered a total war?

as the war dragged on, it became evident to all involved that an industrial war required total commitment; or total war

Will they make a World War 2 Total War?

Maybe later but Shogun 2 Total War is coming out.

Were there one or two events that could have led to a total war in world war 2?

WW2 was a total war.

When did World War 2 start for England?

world war 2 started when England didn't like the ways of the Germans so they bombed their harbor and started world war 2. world war 2 started when England didn't like the ways of the Germans so they bombed their harbor and started world war 2.

What ways were money raised for World War 2?

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World War 2 and the Vietnam War?

Total war vs limited war.

What was total war in World War 1?

Total war is basically a simple term for a war without mercy or a bloody/massacre like war.

What is the term total war and give a specific example from World War I?

World War 1 is an example of Total War. Total War is a conflict between two or more countries when all of their military and economic resources are employed to the destruction of the oposing country.

To what extent the European governments were successful in mobilizing the home front in World War 1?

LOL Harrison

To what extent were the balkan crisis the cause of World War 1?

they led to the assassination of archduke franz Ferdinand

Total war Italy?

This question is too vague. Please resubmit your question with more specifics about Italy and total war. World War 2 was a total war for Italy.

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