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That is difficult to determine exactly. The strongest winds ever recorded in a tornado were 302 mph in a tornado that hit the Oklahoma City area on May 3, 1999. However, very few tornadoes get their winds measured, so others were probably more violent. There are a number of candidates for "most violent tornado", such as the Tri-State tornado of March 18, 1925.

However, the tornado that seems to stand out is the tornado that struck the small town of Jarrell, Texas on May 27, 1997. This F5 tornado moved over the Double Creek Estates subdivision at peak strength and essentially erased it.

Unlike other tornadoes this storm did not leave a filed of debris and mangled trees: virtually everything was swept away and pulverized. Houses were wiped clean off their foundations, trees and power pulls were sheared off at ground level, grass, roads, driveways, and over a foot of topsoil were stripped away. The debris found from this area was finely granulated.

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What year had the most violent tornadoes?

The year with the most violent tornadoes on record was 1974, with a total of 36 tornadoes rated as violent.

What area in the US has the most record tornadoes in a year what was the number?

tornado alley is where most tornadoes are located.

Is many the best year for tornado?

May is a month, not a year. But it does have the most tornado of any month.

What is the record for an f5 tornado for the year 2010?

There were no F5 or EF5 tornadoes in 2010.

What was the worst tornado season?

It is hard to say which one was the "worst" as that is somewhat subjective. The deadliest tornado season on record was that of 1925. On March 18 of that year the Tri-State tornado, the deadliest single tornado in U.S. history, killed 695 people. This death toll alone is greater than that of any other tornado season in the U.S. In all the 1925 tornado season killed 794 people. The deadliest tornado season that does not owe its severity to a single tornado was the 2011 tornado season, which left 553 dead, with most deaths resulting from the Super Outbreak and the Joplin tornado. April 2011 had, by far, the highest number of tornadoes on record at 758. The month also produced the 2011 Super Outbreak of April 25-28. It was the largest tornado outbreak on record, spawning more than 350 tornadoes in just over 3 days including a 24-hour record of 207 tornadoes on April 27. Four of those tornadoes were rated EF5, marking only the second time that more than two F5 or EF5 tornadoes occurred in a single day. May 22 produced the Joplin, Missouri tornado, which killed 158 people and cost $2.8 billion in damage, the costliest single tornado in U.S. history and by far the deadliest in the era of modern forecasting. The most severe tornado season on record was in 1974. That year produced a record 29 tornadoes rated F4 and 7 rated F5, most of them during the Super Outbreak of April 3-4, the most violent tornado outbreak on record. That outbreak produced 23 F4 tornadoes and 7 F5s in less than 24 hours. Despite the higher number of violent tornadoes, 1974 fell short of 2011 in deaths due to three extremely deadly tornadoes in 2011.

Why is the grandberry tornado important?

The Granbury, Texas tornado of 2013 was a violent tornado, earning a rating of EF4, the second highest on the Enhanced Fujita Scale. It was only the second EF4 tornado of 2013 and, at the time, was the deadliest tornado to hit the U.S. in that year, though it would later be exceeded by the Moore tornado.

How many annual deaths in a tornado?

The United States suffers 60 tornadoes deaths in an average year. This number is gradually falling as warnings improve. Globally tornado deaths are generally not much higher as the United States sees most of the violent tornadoes.

In what year did the most deaths occur by a tornado?

1989 when a single tornado in Bangladesh killed over 1,300 people. The deadliest tornado year in the U.S. was 1925 when a single tornado killed 695 people.

How big was the biggest tornado in America and what year was it?

The largest tornado on record in the U.S. or in the world was the El Reno, Oklahoma tornado of May 31, 2013. At one point it was 2.6 miles wide.

How many tornadoes hit tornado alley every year?

Most likely about 700 tornadoes affect tornado alley each year.

What was the name of the first tornado and how long ago?

Tornadoes do not have names, and have been ocurring since before there were people around to record them, so it is impossible to say when the first tornado was. The first tornado on record ocurred near Kilbeggan, Ireland on April 30, 1054. So, as of the year 2013, this tornado ocurred 959 years ago.

What year was the largest tornado outbreak?

The largest tornado outbreak on record lasted from April 25 to 28 of 2011 with 351 tornadoes. This outbreak also set a 1 day record on April 27 when 208 tornadoes touched down.

What time of the year is a tornado most likely to form?

Tornadoes can occur at any time of year, but are most common in spring and early summer. The general peak of tornado activity will vary by region.

In what year did the longest traveled tornado occur?

The longest traveled tornado on record occurred on March 18, 1925. This F5 tornado, known as the Tri-State tornado was on the ground for 3 hours, 29 minutes and traveled 219 miles. This tornado also killed 695 people, making it the deadliest tornado in U.S. history.

What was the name of the largest tornado?

Tornadoes do not have names. They are most often referred to by where they hit. The largest tornado on record was a 2.6 mile wide EF5 that move along the edge of El Reno, Oklahoma on May 31, 2013. In the future it will likely be called the 2013 El Reno tornado. The year is needed in this case, as it was not the first major tornado to affect El Reno.

What state suffers the most tornado strikes?

Texas averages the most tornadoes per year.

What year was it when Newfoundland had a tornado?

The most recent recorded tornado in Newfoundland was an F0 near Gander Bay on July 29, 2007.

What is the current tornado record here in the US for the month of April for a whole year?

The current estimate is 758 for April, set in 2011. This is not just the record for April, but for all months.

How many tornadoes touch down in America each year?

Just to point out: a tornado is only a tornado if it touches the ground, if not it's a funnel cloud. There are about 1200 tornadoes each year in the USA on average, though it varies from year to year. Most of them occur in Tornado Alley (Oklahoma,Texas...)

What was the first year the very first tornado happened?

It is impossible to know when the first actual tornado occurred as they have been around longer than there have been people to record them. However, the first documented case of a tornado was near Kilbeggan, Ireland in 1054.

When was the last time Denver had a tornado?

The last time Denver had a tornado was in 2007. There could have been some early this year but most likely in 2007.

When is a tornado likely to occur?

A tornado can happen at any time of day or year but is most likely to occur in the late afternoon in spring or early summer.

Can there be a tornado in Pennsylvania?

Yes, there can be a tornado in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania averages 17 tornadoes per year. Most of these are in the range of EF0 or EF1, but stronger ones have occured, including one tornado that was rated F5.

Do tornado rates go up ever year?

No. Tornado activity fluctuates from one year to the next. Looking at the number of recorded tornadoes, there appears to have be an increase though the 20th century, but this is entirely due to our increased ability to detect F0 and F1 tornadoes. The number of significant (F2 and stronger) tornadoes in recent years is actually somewhat lower than it was in the 1950s and 1960s. While 2011 was the most violent year for tornadoes in decades, 2012 and 2013 saw some of the lowest overall tornado activity since the late 1980s.

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