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In which US states are oranges grown?


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Washington navel organes take 9 months from blossom to picking.


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Foods that are grown in the western United States of America include avocados, oranges and strawberries.

oranges are mainly grown in California and Florida.

Oranges are grown on trees.

In 2008,68.5 million tons of oranges were grown worldwide, primary in Brazil and the U.S. States, California, and Florida

oranges are grown in kanpur and nagpur

Oranges are grown on the Eastern side.

Fruit grown in the US are many different types. These include but are not limited to apples, oranges, and avocados.

Oranges are grown in:BrazilUS (Florida, Texas, and California)IndiaMexicoChinaSpainIranItalyIndonesiaEgyptPakistan

oranges are grown on trees. They are grown from seeds.They are commonly grown in Florida,like pineapples are grown Hawaii,or peaches in Georgia.

Jaffa oranges are grown in Israel, not Ghana.

oranges come from Texas California and Florida

Oranges come from trees which grow in warmer climates. They're typically grown in Florida and California in the United States.

Yes, oranges do grown in Canada. Oranges can grow in any country in the world. Well, I think they can. Where else would oranges be grown? :(

Yes. Many states including Florida and California grow oranges.

oranges can be grown in green houses in Alberta in the summer. there are no orange trees in Alberta

Homosassa, Midsweet, Parson Brown and Rhode Red oranges are grown in Florida.

oranges are mostly grown in the states of Maharashtra , Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Assam, Orissa.

Yes, typically oranges are grown in an orchard that can contain hundreds or even thousands of trees.

In the US, oranges are grown in California (and particularly in Orange County, California). Florida grows the most oranges, with California coming in second, but measurable quantities are also produced in Arizona, Hawaii, Louisiana, and Texas.

oranges are grown in florida.

yes they are grown in Florida

there grown inside a mummy orange

oranges require lots of sunlight and warmth, so yes they are grown in Florida, but not just Florida.

mostly tobbaco,rice,cotton,beans,oranges,grapefruits,and sugarcane.

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