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In world war 1 how did Australians feel about the Turks?

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I don't know how they felt emotionally, if that is what you're trying to find out. Fact is, however, that the Australians fought against the Turks during the battle of Gallipolli. So I don't think the Australians considered the Turks to be their 'mates'. The reason the Australians fought against the Turks, was probably the pressure put on them by Great Britain. I don't know how willing they were to actually fight the Turks though.

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Who were the Australians fighting during world war 1?

the Turks and the Germans

Did the australians lose to the Turks in world war 1?

yes they did but go onto another website to reasearch further your welcome :)

What were Australians doing while World War 1 was on?

ANSWER:Most Australians were playing on there laptops and texting their friends about school gossip. Some had brought there xbox360's and were playing guitar hero 4 with the Turks. At Christmas Australians and Turks played halo 3 together and exchanged guns.

Why did the Turks go in war with Australia?

Australia was an ally of Britain and turkey was a british enemy, When Athe Australians attacked the Turks their army had to stop them and they did.

How did Australians feel about the Vietnam war?

Australians mirror the US, but on a smaller scale relative to their populations.

In World War 2 why did the australians feel threatened?

becaus they was scared from the bulets of dedly forse, coult easily be asploded

What was the first international war Australians were involved in?

World War 1

Why do Australians celebrate events that occurred during World War 1?

Australians, along with New Zealanders, mark the First World War with ANZAC Day. It is a day of remembrance, and Australians generally take great pride in their contributions to the war effort.

Who were the Australians fighting against in this war world war 2?

As allies of the British army, Australians fighted with Germany, as well as Italy,

Where were Australians fighting in World War 1?


Did Australians fight in World War 2?


How many Australians were lost in World War 1?

By the end of World War 1, 58,961 Australians had been killed, and over 165,000 had been wounded. The war lasted from 1914 to 1918.

What effect did World War 2 have on Australia?

It helped Australians realise that we are Australians not British living in Australia.

What were the reasons for Australians enlisting in World War 1?

because Australians felt Britain needed their support (:

Were Australians neutral during World War 2?

The Australians were part of the allies and actively participated in WWII

Which side of world war 2 were the australians on?

The Australians fought as part of the British Commonwealth on the side of the Allies.

When did Australia join World War I?

Australians went to war in August 1914.

Who did Australia fight in World World War 1?

The Turks, from the Ottoman empire.

How many Australians died in World War I?

About 61,928 Australian soldiers died during World War I.

How many Australians served in World War 1?

About 400,000.

How many Australians died in the First World War?


Where did the Australians go after they enlisted in World War 1?


How many Australians enlisted in World War one?


When did Australians fight in World War 2?

1939 to 1945.

Where did Australians fought in World War 1?

Australians fought in Turkey, the Mid-East, and Western Europe in WW1.

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