In your 3rd week of pregnancy you had brown spotting which was checked by wipe three days later it was slight more brown and pinkish but there was no such pain it lasted 2 days earlier you had?

Early on in pregnancy, some spotting can be normal. However, is this spotting continuing even now? The only person who can tell you if this is a problem is your doctor. He/she can test your pregnancy hormone numbers and tell you if they are going up (in which case the pregnancy is continuing forward), or down (in which case you would be in the process of a miscarriage). I am so sorry to use the word "miscarriage" in answering you, because slight spotting can be completely normal and mean nothing. However, if it continues and you feel that is a possibility, only the doctor can tell you that. I will state this as well, that miscarriages, although tragic for all women who have experienced it, are actually very normal as well. There are statistics out there that say that 1 out of every 5 or 6 pregnancies ends in miscarriage, and sometimes you may not even realize you are pregnant at the time it would occur. I know that in my family and circle of friends, including myself, my mother, my sister and 2 of my girlfriends have all experienced one miscarriage. Three of my girlfriends and one of my sisters have not, although all have given birth to one or more healthy babies. Also, IF you are in the midst of a miscarriage, there is nothing that the doctor can do to stop it once nature has decided it is necessary. It is helpful to try to find out what may have caused it to occur, however, because it could be something that could be altered for any future pregnancies. Only your doctor can help with this. Again, please do not panic at the sight of spotting early in your pregnancy. This can be normal, and can also be accompanied by what feels EXACTLY like menstrual cramping -- both of which can be normal. All women are different. Persistent bleeding would definitely be a reason to find out from your doctor if it is normal. I wish you luck!