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There are 28 Indian states and 7 Union Territories. There are a wide variety of regional food in India. Indian staples include pearl millet, rice, whole-wheat flour, and beans. Dishes are cooked in peanut oil in northern and western India, mustard oil in eastern India, and coconut oil along the western coast.

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What are the main food of all Indian states?

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What is the main ingredient in Indian food?

I think they like curry ....

Give a table about the staple food of Indian states?

i am not going to give you

What are the 4 main industries in United States?

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Main food spice in Indian food?

chili powder,turmeric powder, cumin seeds, cadamonn, cinnamon, cloves

What are different food habits of Indian states?

in India there are many kinds of foo habits

What are the main food of states in India?

Chappatis in the North and Rice in the South

What is the main food of Robert Plant?

I hear he likes Indian food? What kind of question is this? I don't study Robert Plant's diet.

Staple food of different indian states?

The different Indian states have different staple foods. Examples includes: Andhra Pradesh - RiceAssam - FishAssam - Rice and vegetablesGoa - Coconut milk and seafood.

Is roti prata a Indian food or Malay food?

Of course is Indian, Indian food is nice and tasty.

Is Indian food is not panasian food?

Of course Indian food is a pan Asian food!

Who like Indian food most?

I like Indian food because I am Indian and I like spicy. Most of the Indian food are very spicy. Many people from other counters like Indian food!!

What is the main food eaten indifferent states of India?

Andhra Pradesh rice with dal

What are main food habits of different states of India?

cheken mutton fish prans

What is a Restaurant ethnic menu?

A restaurant's ethnic menu is food from different countries. For example, in the United States, Indian food and Mexican food might be found on an ethnic menu.

What is the main dish of the Isle of Wight?

Cuisine on the Isle of Wight is no different to the rest of England. Main 'dishes' will be; Indian curry, Chinese food, Italian Pizza.

What were the three main Indian groups on South America?

what are the 3 main indian groups

Is puri is a south Indian food or north Indian food?

Puri is mainly north Indian Food but now everywhere people eat it.

Does Justin Bieber like indian food?

yes he loves indian food i saw his video saying i love indian food go chk it out

How has Indian food influenced Australia?

because some indian came and made indian food and everyone copied him

What was the main reason why African and Indian colonies lacked food during the age of imperialism?

They didn't have plentiful natural resources.

Is Indian food healthy?

Northern Indian foods have lots of butter and cheese and loads of milk products, which to a certain extent can be unhealthy. The best Indian food is southern Indian food, like idly vada and dosa's and upma. Natural Indian food is healthy.