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Info for front end wobble on 1999 Chevy suburban 4 wheel drive low speed not while braking?


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2005-10-09 23:27:36
2005-10-09 23:27:36

I woulld be suspicious of a tire problem such as a shifted belt.


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Yes it will, As long as both trucks are either a 1/2 ton or a 3/4 ton, 4-wheel drive are just a 2-wheel drive.

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hi my 2008 chevy suburban transfer case is blown and automaticly went from auto to low 4wheel drive any one know how to get it two 2 wheel drive the switch does nothing

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chevy suburban is mounted on a truck frame so most rear ends from any truck or tahoe which is also a truck will work if it is a late model 6 lug.

Left rear of the transmission on 2 wheel drive trucks.

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