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Inside of your front head lights are cloudy 98 tacoma how do you clean?

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are you sure the damage is to the inside of the lens, it may only be on the outside. Ever noticed moisture inside the lens? If not the cloudiness is just on the outside and that can easily be fixed check out The Headlight Solution for more information about clouy, foggy headlight lenses and how to repair / restore them like new. The sell headlight restoration kits through there websire at

2007-10-22 17:51:11
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How do you clean cloudy head lights on a Honda accord?

If you use turtle wax it will clean it up pretty good if it from the outside of theheadlights

97 Tacoma how to clean inside headlight?

If the inside is dirty or cloudy it's probably because of a cracked headlight assembly. Unfortunately you can't really do much to clean it. I guess you could remove it, rinse it out with distilled water, blow it dry then put it back, but even that probably won't do much good. The reflective surface on the inside is very soft and will come off and/or scratch easily so don't touch it with anything.

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Sell it!

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How do you remove the headlight covers on a 1993 Lincoln mark viii in order to clean them?

You can't, but if you are talking about getting the cloudyness off, then polishing compound and then wax. You may have to do it a couple times, all according to how cloudy your lights are. If your talking about the inside of your lights I'm afraid they will have to be replaced. Try the compound first to see how that works, just take your time.

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Check with your local auto parts store, they have kits available that help you restore the faded/cloudy headlight lenses.

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you have to take the front bumper off from underneath your car to get to the lights.

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Can you clean the glass on inside headlights audi a6?

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