Install XP Backgammon in vista

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Q: Install XP Backgammon in vista
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You have Windows Xp and you want keep it and Install Windows Vista?

You have to create at least one more partition for Vista. If you install Vista on the partition where XP is installed Vista will delete XP. To avoid such problem you have to have one more partition. When you do that just start the Vista installation process from XP and choose just created partition for Vista.

Can you install vista as an upgrade to XP if you boot the system using a visa DVD?

no,you'd have to install vista by itself on the computer,but,yes,Its a upgrade to xp

Can you install vista as an upgrade to windows xp if you boot the system using the vista DVD?


Can you install the Xp version of Windows Movie Maker on Vista?


Can you transform Windows Vista into Windows XP?

There is no rollback way to do it. You would need to reinstall XP fresh over the Vista install. Why do you want to do that anyway, is Vista not working for you?

How do you transform Windows Vista into windows xp?

I don't think you can. You must back up your computer, wipe it and install XP, then restore your files. -But how do you install XP?

You bought a new computer with Vista pre-installed you were not happy with Vista so you bought a new hard drive and installed Windows XP Pro on it Now your computer will no longer go on standby?

Sounds like a problem with Windows XP. What you should have tried to do is take the original hard drive, put in the xp install disk, to the install, choose to format the hard drive, and then continue with the XP install. BTW: XP > Vista. Linux > XP. You should install Linux, instead of XP.

Why can't you use MGI program with VISTA?

I have MGI Photo Program on dicks, I had it on Windows XP. I Tried to install on my laptop, It has Windows Vista. Why won't it install on Vista

I have Vista Home on my computer and want to install Windows XP Professional and be able to run both systems.?

The easiest way is to format the system partition and install Windows Xp and then Vista. If you install Xp after Vista you might have to edit BOOT.INI manually. I beleave Vista will not allow you installing Xp when it's runnning. So you need a bootable XP (and Vista Home) CD/DVD. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Actually it is possible to run both Windows XP and Windows Vista on the same computer but you will have to set up a Dual Boot setting up 2 partitions, formatting them to NTFS format, then installing XP on the first partition then Vista on the second. Hope I could help ~Dalton-sama

Will Windows Vista let you install the programs you have in windows XP?


How do you install Vista Ultimate and Windows XP on a computer with two internal hard drives?

Install Win XP on the first hard drive, then install Vista from Xp and on question about "what kind of installation do you want to have?" Answer "separate" installation. When it asks you "which hard drive are you going to use?" Choose the second one. Vista will create a boot list automatically.

Windows vista can you share a printer with Windows xp?

Yes, you can but you might have to install some updates which allow to see windows xp stations in vista mapping.