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How many cups of lard are in a pound?

There are 2 cups in a pound of lard.

What can you use instead of suet pastry?

Make the pastry using shortening, instead of lard.

Which one has higher saturated fats lard or olive oil?

Lard has more saturated fats

What is the cost of 1kg of lard?

a heart attack and high cholesterol... cost of using extra virgin olive oil, PRICELESS

How much does lard weigh?

One pound of lard weighs one pound, whereas two pounds of lard weigh just two pounds. Go Figure ~ FriPilot

Is 1 kilogram larter than 1 pound?

A kilogram of lard is larder than a pound of lard. Also, a kilogram is 2.2 pounds, whether of lard, or lart, or, as they say, whatever.

How many kilos in a pound of lard?

About 0.454 kilos per pound.

If you have an old recipe that calls for a half of a package of lard how much is that?

The lard I remember always came in buckets, I think they were 5 pound buckets. I have seen it in one pound bricks. But adding a half a pound of lard seems like alot of lard, unless one is baking a very large amount.

Can you use Crisco instead of lard in gravy?

Yes, Crisco can be used as lard

How much does a cup of butter weigh?

A pound of lard is two cups and lard must be of a similar density to butter. Therefore one cup of butter weighs half a pound.

What is the function of lard?

To put in your pants! To fry stuff, use lard instead of frying oil.

How many ounces equals one pound of lard?

1 pound of anything = 16 ounces of it

What can be used instead of butter on bread?


Does using lard for soap clog skin pores?

No one uses lard for soap; it would indeed clog the pores. Soap can be made using lard, but you certainly don't end up with lard when it is made.

A pound of lard is equal to how many cups?

That is about 1.8 cups

Can you use crisco instead of lard to make tamales?

Yes, you can!, i made them today for the first time using crisco and they turned out great! :)

How many ounces in one eighth pound of lard?

There are 16 ounces in a pound so one eighth of a pound is two ounces.

What is yellow basilicon ointment composed of?

Yellow Beeswax, Colophony, Olive oil and Lard

How much does a pound of lard cost?

20 cents 20 cents

How many ounces in a half pound pure lard?

8 oz

How many tablespons are in one eighth pound of lard?

4.43 TableSpoons

How many cups in a quarter pound of lard?

that is about 1/2 cup

How many cups are in a half a pound of lard?

That is approximately 1 cup

How many cups is equal to a half pound of lard?

Don’t know

How many cup are there in 2 12 pound of lard?

A bit over 5.5 cups (5.53) Lard is a bit lighter than water.

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