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Iron retention in blood?

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Excessive iron retention in the blood is a condition called hemochromatosis. The normal gain and loss of iron in a body is 1 milligram.

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Does high iron intake cause water retention?

There are many foods that contain iron. However, the amount of iron you intake in day can impact your body. One of those impacts is not water retention though.

Is the iron in a car the same as iron in your blood?

no metal iron is not in your blood, iron can be found in red meats

Does vasopressin increase blood pressure?

yea,by retention water ,it increase blood volume,which ultimately increase blood pressure..

It is protein in the blood that has iron?

Hemoglobin is a blood protein containing iron.

What symptom of excessive sodium?

Fluid retention and high blood pressure.

Does iron produce red blood cells?

Iron does not produce the red blood cells. Iron is necessary for the production of red blood cells.

What carries iron in the blood?

The protein transferrin binds with and transports iron in the blood.

Is the iron element both the iron in your blood and the hard iron?

Yes both contain iron. Whilst 'hard iron' is elemental iron, the iron in your blood is in the form of haemoglobin. This is a complex molecule which includes iron.

What causes retention of CO2 in blood during exercise?

your bent d*ck

Where iron in your body?

Iron is present in the in blood

Where is most of the iron in blood located?

The iron in blood is contained in hemophytes in Red Corpuscles.

Why does the iron in human body does not rust?

Very simply the blood contains iron, the iron is used to carry oxygen in the blood stream, oxidised iron is in effect rust. The blood turns red due to this. When the oxygen is removed from te blood stream the iron is no longer oxidised thus the blood turns blue, hence the blue blood returning to the heart.

What causes you to be low on iron and low on blood?

Low iron is most often simply due to low intake in the diet. Other than this, it may be low due to excessive iron loss, which can in turn be caused by blood loss e.g. due to menstruation. Being "low on blood", i.e. a low total blood volume can have entirely different causes. On the one hand, this can also be due to excessive blood loss, though this would require a large wound. On the other hand however, defects in the kidney's water retention mechanisms can lead to excessive loss of water in the urine and thereby reduction of the blood volume (and consequently increase in blood concentration).

The function of angiotensin II is to?

1. constrict arterioles thus increase blood pressure, 2. stimulate ADH secretion from the anterior pituitary which increases water retention by the kidneys and also increases blood pressure, and 3. stimulate aldosterone secretion from the adrenal cortex which increases sodium retention in the kidneys leading to more water retention by the kidneys and helping to increase blood pressure too.

Why does people crave blood?

It's possible they could have an Iron deficiency. Blood is rich in Iron.

Why do some people crave human blood?

because they need iron and blood is rich in iron

What might you infer from low amount of iron in your blood?

Low iron in the blood causes Anemia.

Which mineral is required for formation of blood?

Iron is necessary for the blood to function. It can form without iron but to carry oxygen, the hemoglobin molecules in red blood cells require iron.

What is Iron needed for?

iron is needed for healthy blood

Who is known as man of blood and iron?

Iron Man

What is a blood disease caused by low iron?

Iron-deficiency anemia is low red blood cell count due to low iron.

What are iron tests?

a group of blood tests that are done to evaluate the iron level in blood serum, the body's capacity to absorb iron, and the amount of iron actually stored in the body.

What is the metal found in blood?

iron is found in our blood because of that we must eat food containing iron

Will eating raisins build your blood?

Eating raisins will increase your iron level. Iron is found in your blood.

Where is iron present in your body?

Iron is found mostly in the blood, particularly in the hemoglobin of red blood cells.