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740 or better beacon score however dealer can set higher standards on this if it is a higher priced vehicle.

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Q: Is 0 percent financing based on your credit score and if so how high does the score need to be?
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What factors would make your credit score change?

Your payment history makes up 35 percent of your 3 digit fico score. Your debt to income ratio makes up 30 percent of your fico score. 15 percent is based on length of credit history. 10 percent is based on new credit and the other 10 percent is based on the types of credit used.

Where can I get Credit Score Advice before I apply for house financing?

There are several companies where you can credit score advice before applying for financing when looking into housing. One website that provides credit score advice is:

Does your credit score affect the interest rate when you apply for home financing?

Your credit score can possibly affect your interest rate when you apply for home financing. If you have a low credit score, you are considered a higher risk to the bank, and therefore, they may raise your interest rate.

Where can you find the best rates for home financing?

There are many websites out there that calculate the best rates for home financing based on where you live, your credit score, and how much you are financing. LendingTree is one of the most popular ways to find this information.

Is credit score 606 good?

A credit score of 606 is considered a good credit score. 680 and above is considered an excellent credit score. A good credit store is important if you need to acquire financing for a car, home, or business.

What is max credit score?

The maximum credit score based on FICO is 850.

Is an 808 credit score high?

An 808 credit score is very good, any score in the 800 range will qualify you for most financing. According to credit experts, you do not want to let your score fall below the 700 range.

I am interested in financing a tow truck but have a few dings on my credit report. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get tow truck financing with a not so perfect credit score?

There are many trucking companies that will allow tow truck financing, even without a perfect credit score. You should check your local newspaper in the advertisement section.

Does financing catering businesses affect credit scores?

Yes, any form of financing can effect your credit score because it is considered as having debt. Here is a useful link to give you more information for any other questions you may have:

What minimum credit score is required to get financing for a good used car?

Generally used car financing requires a credit score of 680 or higher to be sure to be approved and get reasonable rates. If you are obtaining financing directly from the seller/dealership and put down at least 25%, someone with a credit score of 650 should find success. If you don't, however, have the income to support the payments, you WILL be turned down.

Is credit score important to know when financing a vehicle?

Yes credit score is really important to know when you are trying to finance a vehicle and you can always get credit scores from a number of places like

Is a credit report the same as a credit score?

A credit report tracks your credit reliability based on your history of making payments on your loans and other debts. A credit score is a numeric value based on a weighted formula and your credit history. To find out more on both your credit report and credit score go to

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