Is 14kt real gold?

Yes is it. 14 k gold has 58.5% of gold, is less expensive, less vivid and more resistant to tarnishing.

I wondered this myself, so I did some research. Gold was originally discovered in Asia a very long time ago in it's purest form, .999% pure or 24KT. Gold made it's way via trade westward across the globe. In order to transport (transportation fees etc) the gold would be stepped and the actual purity would be lessened the farther West it came. IN India, the common gold is 22KT gold. The popular gold in Europe is 18kt as it is only 75% pure. By the time you get to the U.S., it is only 58.5% pure, which is 14KT and then gold made it's journey southward to this is why the most common gold in central and South America is 10KT. When figuring the value of gold, you have to again figure the purity, because the dollar value you see traded on Wall Street is for pure (24KT) gold. So if you have an item that is only 58.5% pure gold, then yo have to take that Wall Street Price and multiple it by .585 to compare values appropriately. I got most of this information from three sites. I will try to add their links