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If it comes with the original box in good shape and all original paperwork, IMHO, it is not worth it. I wouldn't go more than 1200 out the door. If you want to buy it, walk in and lay down 10 Ben Franklins and see what happens. Having said that, it depends on how bad you want it, how bad someone wants to sell it, where you are, where it is, the phase of the moon, etc..

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โˆ™ 2008-07-25 18:26:24
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Q: Is 1500 dollars a fair price for a 12 gauge Browning BSS with 28 inch barrels choked ic and mod 98 condition?
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Can you shoot slugs in your browning upland special?

Depends on what the barrels are choked.

What do astericks mean on Belgian Browning Barrels?

They tell you what the barrel(s) is/are choked. One-full, Two=Modified, Three = Cylinder.

What is a skeet bore on a shotgun?

both barrels are not choked

What is the value of a Belgium Browning Lighting 12 gauge in orig hard case between serial numbers 15700-15800 S3?

Well, other than being made in 1963 you dont tell us very much about the gun. Trap, Skeet, Broadway Trap? How long are the barrels? What grade? How are they choked? MOST importantly, what condition is the gun in? As an example, a 12ga Broadway Trap with 30" barrels choked F/IM, in about 80% condition, would sell for around $900. A Field Grade Superposed Lightning 12ga with 26" barrels choked IC/M, in mint condition, would sell for around $1500. A Diana Grade Lightning in mint condition might reach $5000 or more depending on other factors.... If you can send more information, and especially digital pictures, to we'll be able to help you out further.

How much are air-gun match grade barrels choked?

A fraction of .001".

What choke should you use when shooting a slug in 20 ga Remington 310?

Slugs shoot best out of cylinder bore or improved cylinder. They will usually not be as accurate out of tightly choked barrels, and may actually damage the choked portion.

What do the letters CYL on a 12 gauge Remington Model 10 shotgun stand for?

Cylinder Bore meaning the barrels are not choked (narrowed at the muzzle).

What yr was your 5 shot matted ribbed poly choked Belgian Made serial noOM75186 made?

You will have to call Browning to find out.

What is the model of Miroku trap gun 30 inch barrels choked full and full with serial number is 567607?

No way to tell from the sn. You will have to contact Miroku

What type of slug is used in a full choke 12 gauge?

Full choked barrels are not ideal for slugs, but if pressed we would use a sabot-loaded projectile.

Use the word asphyxiation in a sentence?

"The cause of death was asphyxiation- he choked to death on a spelling word." It means the condition of not being able to breathe air normally- as in being choked, gassed, or smothered.

What is a 1961 Browning 12 gauge 1M41773 worth in average condition?

Other than it being a standardweight Browning A5 12ga made in 1961, you dont provide much information. 26" open-choked guns bring more than 30" full choke guns, and condition is everything. Average to you may be poor to me. Without detailed information on a potentially collectable firearm, the best we can do is offer a range of $250 - $1000.

Model 67E is it a slug gun?

Some were, they had a folding rear sight and a ramp front sight on a 21" or 24" cylinder barrel. Other 67s had longer choked barrels

What is the value of a 10 gauge Ithaca shotgun serial 500406 in good to very good condition with full-full choked 32-inch barrels and about 95 percent original blue?

Made in 1937. Not many of these around, so you should get a professional appraisal. It should bring a premium price.

What ammunition can be used safely in a 1964 12 gauge Browning superposed for waterfowl hunting?

It would probaly not be safe to shoot steel shot or any of the tungsten shot out of a gun that old because it is probaly choked too tight and the older barrels are not designed to handle the harder shot. Lead shot would be fine but as you know you can't legally use that for waterfowl.

When was my browning A5 shotgun made Serial number 3Z4489. What is it worth?

Go to and select customer service. Then select date your firearm. What it's worth depends on condition, gauge, accessories, barrel length and what it is choked. You don't address any of these. Broad range from 200-400 USD.

Can your eye bleed when you get choked?

Depends on how hard u are choked.

Shotgun Winchester model 96 12 gauge over under barrels marked made in japan Value?

Greetings: The Model 96 was made from the 1970's to the early 80's and is referred to as the poor man's Model 101. Value will be based on the grade, condition, gauge, barrel lengths, how they are choked. I know there was a plain Jane field model basically choked for hunting (f/M). Others were set up for skeet shooting, etc., and this seems to affect market value of the piece. Dave

Is the word 'choked' an introductory verb?

yes it might be.

What does 2 stars mean on your Browning Sweet Sixteen barrel?

They used stars to show how the barrel is choked. 1 star is for full, 2 for modified, and so on down through the chokes.

What is the value of a Lefever Arms Co side by side serial number 21845?

That is impossible to determine without more information. It should be a double gun with sidelocks. We need to know exactly how it is marked, including markings between the bottom of the barrels and the frame, what gauge it is, how long the barrels are and how they are choked, and most importantly WHAT CONDITION is it in (case colors, blue, wood, checkering, bores, etc. Send digital pictures.) Lefever shotguns can range from $300 to over $10,000.

The diner choked on a piece of steak is this a action verb?

"Choked" is the action verb.

What type of speech is choked?

Choked is the past tense version of the verb choke.

Did Anakin kill Padme when he choked her?

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What is my Browning Light 12 gauge full choke Belgium made limited series shotgun worth?

What finish? Overall condition? What are exact markings? Got the box and papers that came with it? How old? How many rounds thorugh it? Barrel length? What is it choked? Without knowing the above information a very broad range would be 200 -400