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i have never lived in snow before and i am thinking of buying a truck a Chevy to be exact.

it is a 2004 automatic but it does not have 4wheel drive...its really the only truck in my price range.

i need a truck cuz i am moving to South Dakota and i have to drive there so i think a truck would be ideal. especally compared to my manual Nissan exterra. am i making the right decsion?

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 00:19:13
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Q: Is 2wheel drive truck safe in snow?
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Is four wheel drive better than all wheel drive for snow and ice?

yes becaus because if the truck slips and scids a cross the ice or snow in could the person in the car or truck

Is it safe to drive a four wheeler in the snow?

yes... yes it is.

What does the snow button on Toyota do?

Adjusts necessary settings so you can drive as safe as possible in the snow.

Does a 4 X 4 truck need snow chains?

Well it depends on the condition of the snow but to be safe yes you should.

What are truck cover used for?

It is good to have a truck cover in case the truck can't stay in the garage. If it might hail or snow and the truck is in a parking lot, put the truck cover on the truck to keep it safe.

How fast to drive studded snow tires?

If in the snow with studded tyres, you are probably safe with about 30km/h (about 20mph).

What is this online snowcat game where you drive a yellow snowcat up a mountain?

snow truck. there is original and 2

How do you stay safe during lake effect snow?

Lake effect is harmless unless you're trying to drive in it. It's just snow.

If I purchase a truck, should I buy one that has 4-wheel drive?

A four wheel truck will provide better performance in the snow. It will also have a better resale value.

Is it safe to drive in the summer on snow tires?

Sure.ANS 2 - No, it actually isn't that safe. -Snow tires have terrible grip on dry roads and your braking will diminish on wet or dry compared to good summer tires. - -Why do you think they call therm SNOW tires .

Is front wheel drive safe?

Yes. A little better in the snow, since the weight of the engine is over the live axle.

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