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Is 5 hour energy drink safe?

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Personally, I believe it isn't. Think about it, instant energy? All you would be doing is putting chemicals in your body. Unhealthy. The best thing to do to get energy is get at least 8 hours of sleep at night, and eat healthy, and make sure to drink water (8 glasses a day, which is about 64 ounces).

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Is 5 hour energy safe?

Yes, 5 Hour Energy is safe to consumer. You can also check out which can provide you additional information on the 5 Hour Energy drink. I hope this helps.

Is 5 hour energy drink halal?

yes 5 hour energy is a halal

Is 5 hour energy drink safe for a 14 years old?

Yes they could have 2 or 3 sips or one would be safe

What is the unhealthiest energy drink?

5-hour energy

Who is the cowboy actor on the 5 hour energy drink commercial?

The 5 hour energy drink sheriff is James Horan. He went to highschool with my mother... Google it!

Who is actor in 5 hour energy drink advertisement?

lance lagault?

What can you take fro energy after taking Xanax?

I use 5 hour energy but any energy drink or coffee

What are the best energy gels on the market?

Red bull along with 5 hour energy drink are the best there is they have no competition except nos but you can put your money there and you know it is in safe hands very trusted companies

Why not drink a cup of coffee instead of 5 hour energy drink?

Cause people are dumb and they wont drink coffe instead

Is 5 hour energy is healthy?

The most you get out of the energy drink is a 30 min rush, the drink taste nasty and it can also be unhealthy and not rated by the FDA...

What is the stock symbol for 5 hour energy drink?

5 Hour Energy is a privately-held company. Just did an MBA project on Monster Beverage (MNST), and discovered that 5 Hour Energy and Red Bull are both privately held and do not release financial information.

What drink has the most energy in the world?

I would say an energy dink like monster or 5 hour energy. That would be a smart answer! :)

Name of the guy in the 5 hour energy drink commercial?

I think it is Jesse Heagy, out of Phoenix.

Is 5 hour energy safe to be consumed by a 13 year old?

im 13 too. i would say in moderation like once a month. my buds drink it in school durin lunch. i wud say its safe but not too good for you

5 hour energy usually effects me normally and not badly but today I had it and now you feel badly im also very spacy why is this?

You probably mixed up your 5-hour energy drink with cocaine.

Who is the redheaded actress in the 5 hour energy drink commercial?

Liz Nolan is the actress in the new 5 Hour Energy commercial. It says "Hectic days" on the screen and their are children running around in the background.

Can you drink 5 hour energy while I'm taking warfrin?

well maybe but i wont try it

Who is the girl in the 5 hour energy drink commercial?

Her name is Allison Schiffler. She is a Social Worker from and in Utah.

Can I drink a 5 hour energy after taking Advil?

I just did last night haha. Yes it's fine, 5 hour energy is just full of vitamin B and amino acids, shouldn't react negatively.

How old do you have to be to drink a 5 hour energy drink?

You need to be at least oplder than 13years or 18. no not true on the label it says you have to be 12 or older

Can 5 hour power energy drink cause you to get soft in bed?

It makes you harder and also you last for longer

Top ten energy drinks?

1. Bawls Guarana Energy Drink 2. Rockstar 3. 5 hour energy 4. FRS healthy energy drink 5. Monster 6. NOS 7. CRUNK 8. Verve 9. AMP 10. Shark

Do moms like red bull or 5 hour energy better?

moms are most likely mot going to drink energy drinks because they are bad for you

Do energy Drinks have an effcect on your penis?

only if you drink 5 hour energy brand. The carbohydrate found inside of that specific drink has the ability to increase the flacidness of your penis and increase your potential to have longer more frequent erections.

Can you take the 5 hour energy drink while taking aprox 2 mg of suboxoen?

I was wondering the same thing myself. Does anyone have an answer?

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