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Is 6th grade hard?

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Answered 2011-10-20 22:59:35

No, not really. If you pay attention and do your homework you'll be fine!!!!!! I was a straight "A" student!!

Nope not very hard. Its actually really fun! you get to do more fun activitys then elementary. im starting 6th grade this year and its awesome!!!

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Were can you get answers to your 6Th grade history book?

Your brain. Not hard.

What is the hardest subject in 6th grade?

It depends on what you consider to be "hard"

Is grade 7 hard?

Not really its just basically a review of 6th grade as long as you do your work its really easy.

How do you skip 6th grade?

You can skip 6th grade when you exceed the standards for the 6th grade cirriculum.

Does 6Th grade do more paper work than 5Th grade?

yes a whole lot trust me im in 7th and its kinda hard

Need mcdougalittell 6th grade grammar for writing workbook page 149?

is hella hard

How hard is sixth grade?

Well I am going to 7th grade in September, so I just passed 6th grade. It wasn't that much different from 5th grade. There's some new things, but mostly it's review from 5th grade. Just listen in class, ask questions, and study. And you'll rock 6th grade.

What Celebrites are 12 and in 6th grade?

Paris Jackson is in 6th grade.

What is after the grade of 6th?

The grade after 6th grade is 7th. In some counties, 7th grade is their 2nd year in middle school. In others, its their 1st.

What grade is Mindless Behavior in?

Roc royal is in the 6th grade prodigy is in the 6th ray ray is in the 6th Princeton is in 6th and they can sing

Why is grade 9 hard?

Na, Not as hard as grade 8, its more 'normal'

What grade is maragaret in Are you there God?

she is in 6th grade.

What grade is CJ Dippa in?

6th grade

What grade is joey king in?

6th grade

What did Chris Brown look like in 6th grade?

this is his 6th grade picture! your welcome!!

What is a good look for 6th grade girls?

nothing they're are in 6th grade you freak

What to do when you and your BFF are in love with the same person in 6th grade?

You should'nt be in love when you are in 6th grade.

Is eighth grade easy?

Yeah I think 8th grade is easy! I'm finishing it up and yeah it's not that hard! If your a hard worker than I think that you'll do fine! Plus if you get along with teachers it's even easier! (I would recommend doing that if your not) Honestly I think that going from 6th grade to 7th grade was harder!

Do hard to get highschools look at 6th grade grades?

Yes they do but its only when your tied with another student for a spot in your requested school.

How do you get an eighth grader to like you when your only in 6th grade?

No offense, but most likely you are not gonna get an 8th grader if you are in 6th grade. Try 6th grade. And stick with 6th grade. I disagree with this person. You dhould just be yourself and be nice, and follow your heart.

What do you do if your in 6th grade and a girl likes you but still has a boyfriend?

get over it. your in the 6th grade for crying our loud.

How old are you when you are in the 6th grade?

Children in the 6th grade are between 11 and 12 years old.

How do you get a 6th grade guy to ask you out when you're friends with him?

if you're in 6th grade it doesn't matter.

Should 6th grade students know their multiplication and division to go to 6th grade?


Can girls get preginate in 6th grade?

Yes, girls can get pregnent in the 6th grade. Not always, but mostly.