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8% Body fat is means you are very physically fit, or just skinny. Im on the football team and I have thirteen percent body fat.

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Q: Is 8 percent total fat good or bad?
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How do you find the calorie percent from fat?

Calories From Fat/Total CaloriesX100=%Fat

Which type of oil is bad fats?

There are four types of fat- terrible fat, bad fat, good fat, and best fat. Trans fat= terrible Saturated fat= bad Monounsaturated= good Polyunsaturated= best

What is the difference between good fat and bad fat?

'good fat' is in all the right places such as for a woman, breasts and butt. such as for a guy... not extra skinny but no love handles either. 'bad fat' is in all the WRONG places, such as belly, neck, legs, arms. love handles not wanted by most!

Is pig fat good or bad for your health?

bad, bad, BAD

What are the differences between the types of fat?

this depends on the fat, it is fat that is good and fat that is not good. the fat that is hard to get away is the bad one

What percent of calories should your total fat intake be?

20-30 percent should be your percentage of daily fat intake average around.

Polyunsaturated fat is a good type of fat?

yes,it reduces bad cholestrol and maintains the good

Birmingham city good or bad?


Is unsaturated fat good or bad for you why?

Because you get fat and get closer to pasting away.

Why is cooking oil bad for you?

Because of all that saturated fat some is good but to much is ver bad. Because of all that saturated fat some is good but to much is ver bad.

Is cheese good fat or bad fat?

Cheese is defiantly bad fat which is why its something you want to limiT yourself to. You would find good fats in stuff like nuts and omega-3.

What should be the maximum total fat intake as a percentage of energy intake?

35 percent