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Is 9MM better than 45ACP?


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November 28, 2008 2:41AM

The 9mm is better if you like to carry more rounds in your sidearm; and if you like to have compatibility with foreign nations while travelling, as the metric system (and the 9mm) is normally used outside of the United States. The .45 is better, if you like "good ole Yankee steel", and US Army and "Old West" traditionalism. The US Army officially adapted the .45 caliber revolver in 1873, civilians always (in this case, the word "always" is accurate) adapted military rifles and handguns...and the calibers that go with them (in this case it was the 45-70 rifle and .45 revolver); consequently, the .45 has been as American as apple pie since 1873. No TV western would be filmed without one. As far as arguing about which has better knock down power? Which is better for dropping this or that adversary?...etc, etc. Which can go through steel? Etc. etc. Those debates have been going on since about 1890, when the US Army .38 caliber revolver REPLACED the Army 45. Since this is now 2008, that means that the debate has been going on for almost 120 years! Which means only one thing; people enjoy the debate! It serves no other purpose than entertainment (and sells a lot of gun magazines for the newer generations of young people that haven't heard all of the arguments yet). Therefore, the bottom line is, if ya like Yankee steel, get the .45; if ya like ammunition compatibility when travelling abroad, as well as having more bullets in the handgun, then the 9's the answer. Answer The .45 caliber used in 1870's was not a .45 ACP(Auto Colt Pistol). The .45ACP is a larger caliber and has more powder than a 9mm. That would make it a better catridge. The .45ACP was developed for the Army Model 1911 automatic. I could never hit anything with the Colt .45. But I could hit something with a 9mm Lugar. So my preference was always the 9mm. Modern guns are constructed with less recoil and having better control. So Glocks and other new automatics in .45ACP may be much better than a 9mm Beretta(which is the current issue for the US Army). But as noted above, this could be a personal preference.