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Q: Is A million things to finish a hyperbole?
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What is the difference between hyperbole and litotes?

Hyperbole is exaggeration. ( I at a million cherries)- You are exaggerating *million* Litotes is something expressed negatively.

What is a cat hyperbole?

the cat was a million years old

What are examples of hypebole?

an example of a hyperbole is i swallow a dinasour

What is an example of a hyerbole?

Hyperbole-eg. I haven't seen him in a million years. this is AA hyperbole because it is stretching and exagerating reality

Is this a hyperbole you smell like you just took a bath in a million pieces of cotton candy?

Saying you smell like you just took a bath in a million pieces of cotton candy is hyperbole.

What form of figurative language is used below I have told you not to exaggerate a million times?


What is 'Million hours of homework due tomorrow' an example of?

This is an example of a hyperbole.

Is You're one in a million is an example of a metaphor?

The drive to my grandma's house on Sunday took a million years /

What is if you studied for a million years you still wouldn't understand this subject an example of?


What type of figurative language is you wouldn't be able to open them in a million years?


What is a sentence for hyperbole?

The tree was five million feet tall!

What are 5 examples of hyperbole?

A hyperbole is a figure of speech in which exaggeration is used for emphasis. Here are a few examples: * Im so hungry i could eat a horse. * There are millions of other things to do. * You're always doing that. * Running faster than the speed of light. * You could be Miss Universe. * He lives a million miles away. * I waited in line for centuries. * I've told you a million times don't exaggerate.