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Alaska is not north of Canada. However, Alaska is bordering the northwest of Canada.


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That would be Canada. There are islands owned by Canada farther north also the north pole.

Canada is to the north of North America. Alaska is to the top north west of USA, and west of Canada.

No. The United States is SOUTH of Canada, where as the NORTH pole is NORTH of Canada. Canada is therefore closer.what about alaska?

north=Canada south=Mexico Canada touches the north and Mexico touches the south. Canada. (Touches Alaska.)

Alaska is north of some parts of Canada, but not completely north of Canada. And the US state of Michigan is due north of Essex County, Ontario.

Canada is north of the 48 continental states, and east of Alaska.

Canada is east of Alaska and north of Washington, Idaho, and Montana.

Alaska is part of the North American continent. Canada borders the state of Alaska to the east.

Several species of bear can be found in both Canada and Alaska. In north Alaska and round the Arctic Circle, the bear is likely to be a polar bear.

The north western part on the west to Canada and the north of the United States

There are located at north of Alaska. __ The Inuit live in Alaska, Greenland and northern Canada.

Yes. The state of Alaska is north of the Canadian province British Columbia. The rest of the US is south of Canada.

All American States are below Canada. Alaska is the only State that is as far north as Canada and that is all the way to the North Pole.

it has to be Alaska, Canada doesn't have any states.

Actually, there are some in Canada and Alaska.

usa namely the state of Alaska

Alaska, as it is a US state. all the others are North American countries.

Canada is north of the lower 48 states, and east of the State of Alaska

All of the United States (except for Alaska) are south of Canada.

There's only one state that is northwest of Canada. You must be thinking of Alaska.

The Yukon River in Alaska. It stretches 1979 km through Alaska and Canada.

no Alaska is still part of North America because North America includes all odf Canada and all the usa and Alaska is part of the usa.

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