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yes really good the only bad experience I've had was when it rained on me but they gave me a 150 gift card because of the rain
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How much money does a person that drive an Amtrak train make?

Answer An experienced Amtrak conductor can make roughly $25 an hour (not including health and welfare and retirement benefits) and receive double pay for work on holidays. An engineer (the person who actually "drives" the train) makes slightly more. Based on a standard 40-hour work week, this amoun ( Full Answer )

How fast are amtrak trains?

The Acela runs at an maximum 150 mph or 241 km/h. This is the fastest train in north america. The Acela regional (pulled aem-7 electrics or aclea HHP-8+amfleet type one coachs)Travels at around 120-130(at most). Federal laws set speed limit of most lines to a maximum 79 miles per hour on the best q ( Full Answer )

Do amtrak trains have wireless internet?

The only train that currently has wireless internet is the Acela Express. There is also wifi in most stations. But for all places and trains, you could rent a wireless aircard from a rental company such as Aircards work where ever there is cell coverage. And there are no interruptions wh ( Full Answer )

Amtrak train station in schenectady NY?

The Amtrak Station in Schenectady, NY is located at 332 Erie Boulevard, #518-346-8651. It is located a few blocks from Proctors Theater, City Hall, and just before you go west across the Mohawk River to Scotia NY. It's real easy to find at Google Maps.

How fast will an amtrak train go from California to Texas?

It takes about two nights to get from Houston, TX to Los Angeles, CA and that's only if the Sunset Limited is running on-time which is rare. The Sunset Limited in the last 12 months from September, 2008 and back has had a on-time performance of 33% so the travel time can vary greatly. The Sunset Lim ( Full Answer )

Does Amtrak run a train service from New Jersey to Canada?

Leaving from Newark or Trenton, you can reach Montreal during a long day of travel. Toronto is accessible on Amtrak, but requires an out-of-the-way trip to Chicago -- making for a multi-day trip. Check out for an itinerary.

How do you become a Amtrak train driver?

Go to and then type in jobs in the search box. Then you will be redirected to a website call where you click on external applicant and they you can apply for a engineer job and they put you on a training program in Washington D.C.

What does amtrak trains look like?

Amtrak trains typically have a Ge Genesis P42dc locomotive, sometimes a baggage car, viewerliner,superliner, and or Amfleet cars. Some exceptions are Keystone have Aem 7's and cab cars, Surfliners have California cars and F59phi locos Cascades have the talgo set with F59phi locomotives.

Who invented Amtrak train?

Amtrak was created in the 1970s because private railroad corporations such as Union Pacific did not want to run their passenger railroad services anymore because they deemed them as not profitable due to compitition by airline and road travel so the government created Amtrak to maintain the passenge ( Full Answer )

Can one take an Amtrak train from BloomingtonIL to Danville VA?

Yes, you can. Take the Texas Eagle from Bloomington, IL to Chicago leaving at 11:43 am and arriving at 2:14 pm. Transfer to the Capitol Limited leaving Chicago at 7:05 pm and arriving in Washington, DC at 1:30 pm the next day. Finally, take the Crescent leaving DC at 6:30 pm and arriving in Danville ( Full Answer )

Does Amtrak have power outlets on trains?

Yes. But it is possible that some trains do not. You can count on all trains on Amtrak running between Boston and Washington DC, and west to Harrisburg, PA having power outlets available for you. Most trains on these lines also now offer free wireless internet. However, the availability of both may ( Full Answer )

How much are Amtrak train tickets?

It matters where you go. If your trip is long,the more money you have to pay the ticket. And the shorter your trip is the less money you need to pay.

Is amtrak a diesal or electric train?

amtrak is a company that owns trains. most amtrak trains are dieselbut in the north east (NY, Penn, NH MD, CT, DC, etc) there iscatenary for electric trains so amtrak is both diesel and electric. Answer: I live in NJ and I take Amtrak to the south. So from NJ toWashingto, DC it runs electric. Once i ( Full Answer )

Which Boston Amtrak train station is closest to Copley Square?

South Station is the Amtrak station in Boston that is closest to Copley Square. The T, the Boston subway system, connects South Station with Copley Square, but one change of train within the subway system is required. Hmm, I don't think so. Back Bay station is practically across the street on Goo ( Full Answer )

Are amtrak trains run on electricity?

Some, like the Acela Express do, but most others don't. Most of theones that do are on the east coast. I live on the East Coast and I take Amtrak from New Jersey to theSouth. From New Jersey to Washington, DC Amtrak runs onelectricity. In DC, Amtrak switches over to diesel to continueSouth.

What AmTrak train station is closest to Dulles Airport?

Manassas. From there, you can take the Crescent north to New York or south to Atlanta or New Orleans, the Northeast Regional north to New York, Springfield or Boston or south to Charlottesville or Lynchburg, or the Cardinal north to New York or west to Cincinnati, Indianapolis or Chicago.

What trains on amtrak have AAA discounts?

All Amtrak trains except Acela Express are eligible for the 10% AAA discount. You must book at least three days in advance to receive the discount.

Do amtrak train get late?

Amtrak trains get late all the time. They are subject to signal problems, train traffic, track conditions and other reasons. One big problem can be where the train originates. They have to service the train (clean, restock food supplies in the dining car, check the train mechaincally etc). Som ( Full Answer )

Are there smoking areas on Amtrak trains?

There is a downstairs smoking lounge with no windows and the train make regular stops for smokers to smoke outside. Other than this a smoking free train.

How are Amtrak trains powered?

Amtrak trains in most of the country run on a combination of dieselfuel and electric generators. Amtrak trains on the NortheastCorridor between Washington DC and Boston use electric locomotivesfed by overhead catenary.

Do they serve food on an Amtrak train?

Amtrak say yes. Many customers disagree * Added - It depends upon the train. Very few Amtrak trains offer any type of food service. The typical food service consists of a dining car or club car that has a good choice of beverages and a microwave for heating pre-packaged food. Most Amtrak traveller ( Full Answer )

Can you take an Amtrak train from Providence to Pennsylvania?

You can take a Northeast Regional train to Cornwells Heights, NorthPhiladelphia or Philadelphia. By switching to the Keystone Serviceat Philadelphia, you can go to the cities on the way to Harrisburg.By switching to the Pennsylvanian at Philadelphia, you can go tothe cities on the way to Pittsburgh. ( Full Answer )

Can you take Amtrak train from New Jersey to Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is not served by Amtrak trains. Kingman, AZ is theclosest station. If you are leaving from Newark or Trenton, you cantake the Cardinal to Chicago. At Chicago, you will switch to theCalifornia Zephyr to Kingman, AZ. Amtrak runs thruway bus servicesto Las Vegas from Kingman.

Do amtrak trains go from Chicago straight to Florida?

Unfortunately, there is no one train service between Chicago and Florida. The fastest way to get to Florida is to take the Capitol Limited from Chicago to Washington and change to the Silver Meteor for destinations in central and east coast Florida.

Is there an Amtrak train station in Nashville TN?

Unfortunately, there is no Amtrak train service to Nashville. Theold Union Station is now a Wyndham hotel and that is available forviewing. The closest Amtrak station is in Newburn, TN. From thereyou can take the City Of New Orleans north to Carbondale andChicago or south to Memphis or New Orleans.

How often does the Amtrak Acela Express train run?

The Amtrak Acela Express train runs every hour. Recently, Amtrak made the decision to boost the internet service on their trains, and the Acela Express Train was one of the first to experience the upgrade in internet access (which included the addition of free Wi-Fi on each of these trains).

Where can one find Amtrak trains times?

Amtrak train times can be found in several places. The first place one would look would be the Amtrak station itself. Another place to check would be Amtrak ticket vendors.

What is the Amtrak Auto Train used for?

The Amtrak Auto Train is used as a sort of people mover that runs between Washington D.C. and Orlando, FL. You can load your car and then go to your assigned cabin to enjoy the ride without the hassle of driving.

How can one purchase Amtrak train tickets online?

One can purchase Amtrak train tickets online from there official website. Where anyone can easily book his tickets and reservation, and can enjoy comfortable train.

How can one find an Amtrak train station?

Amtrak direct website has a listing based on ciity, state or zip code that can find a specific train station. If needed, the search radius goes to 150 miles.

How can one get Amtrak discounts on train fares?

One can visit the official Amtrak online website to discounts on train fares. The Amtrak website also offers promotions, low train fares, and cheap train tickets.